Perception and Treatment of LGBT

6 June 2017

This aggression can be sexual in nature or the effects can closely resemble those of sexual harassment and then can constitute sexual harassment. Middle and high school students are dealing with verbal and physical bullying in school to where these students are either dropping out or transferring schools or even becoming a home schooled student so that they can avoid being harassed about their sexual orientation.

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Perception and Treatment of LGBT
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Bullying is an aggressive behavior that is intentional and it involves the imbalance of a person’s power or strength Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender LGBT) youth, or those individuals that is perceived to be LGBT may be teased and bullied by their peers in schools as well out in public. Our educators, health professionals, parents, and any other concerned adult can make a difference in the lives of our LGBT youth. Often, bullying towards LGBT youth targets their non- conformity to gender norms.

This type of bullying can be considered to be a form of sexual harassment and this harassment is covered under Title IX of the Education Amendments ot 1972. Research nas shown that our bullied L T youth are more likely to skip school, smoke cigarettes, use alcohol and drugs, or even engage in other risky behaviors (Ponton, 2001) The lesbian, gay or bisexual youth are more than twice as likely as other youths and children to be depressed and think about or will attempt suicide (Ponton, 2001).

These risks are the same whether our youth are LGBT, are heterosexual but are wrongly perceived to be LGBT, or they will even choose to hide their sexual orientations. Our schools need to develop a clear policy on bullying of any form that can be onsidered by adding sexual orientation and gender identity to their bullying policies (Office of Civil Rights, OCR, 2010). By applying these policies, it tells all students to treat everyone equally, regardless of their sexual orientation (Get Busy, Get Equal, 2006).

Schools that already have an anti-bullying policy can consider to make it clear that bullying based on sexual orientation is against school policy (Get Busy, Get Equal. 2006). Like every human being, those individuals that are LGBT, they have parents and family that love them for who they are or what their sexual orientation ay be. When a person is rejected because of his or her own sexual orientation, everyone in the family can suffer the effects unnecessarily Just like those or are LGBT. For those individuals that are rejected, the consequences are often and can be very tragic.

Regardless of their sexual preference, these individuals still need their families’ unconditional love and acceptance, and those who receive it have a greater chance of living a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. In fact, sexual orientation of all kinds, including heterosexuality, is an innate trait, not a lifestyle choice. But if you are straight, the question is, when did you “decide” to be attracted to the opposite sex? To be LGBT in orientation is a normal and natural human characteristic, and it is Just one of the many ways that people are different.

Both the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have recognized that homosexuality is not a mental disease or an emotional disorder. Therefore, there is no cure for a person’s sexual orientation. Most of the emotional disturbances that have been experienced by gay men and lesbians all around the world with their exual identity is not based on physiological causes but rather is due more to a sense of alienation and to the unacceptance in todays environment.

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