Performance Appraisal Summary

5 May 2017

Jeff Stinson November 2, 2009 In Learning Team C this week we discussed the differences between the two appraisal systems that we chose, the difficulties in evaluating team performance, the unique needs of a team appraisal system, and how important team motivations and expectations are. Appraisal systems are used to determine how employees at an organization are performing.

There are many types of appraisal systems to use in determining employee performance levels. In our discussions we were using the performance appraisal system and the team appraisal system. Differences Between Appraisal Systems There are quite a few notable differences in the individual appraisal system and the team appraisal system. The individual appraisal is more focused and specific, testing the individual’s aptitude on a number of specific objectives. We feel the team appraisal would need to be more results-oriented, because different members would ring unique skills to the table.

Performance Appraisal Summary Essay Example

Both would be set up about the same way, but the team appraisal would be more geared towards questions about the person’s performance and communication skills. Individual appraisals are more one sided and provide detail of how all employees will be viewed by the company. There is room for bias perception because the perception is based on what the evaluator receives from the appraisal. We also discovered in our two appraisal systems that we were comparing that a team appraisal would provide an evaluation from all team embers points of view.

Difficulties Evaluating Team Performance The difficulties that we found with evaluating team performances would have to be the honesty of the people in the team. Most of the time you have people in the team who you know are going to be the slacker, and then those who Just step in and take control of the situation. As was pointed out by one of our team members in most group settings when asked to perform an appraisal on other teammates performance one normally will Just fill out that everyone performed the same.

Most times if there is a difference in ratings, then that difference has to be explained, and no one wants to be the person who has to talk about others badly. Team members may tend to hide deficiencies of other members. This would really only be an issue if the team’s performance is lacking in some regard. If the team is performing well, then there’s really not a reason to question if any particular teammate is lacking in an area if the other members are able to make up for it. A good team will be able to take up any lack work and make sure it gets done.

Unique Needs of a Team Appraisal System The unique needs of a team appraisal system would be to focus on their unique needs on a case-by-case basis. The interpersonal skills are very important in a team setting. Most team members are appraised on their abilities to communicate with other team members. Team Motivations and Expectations Motivation in a team is very important. As we all agreed in our discussions positive feedback and encouragement definitely heighten motivation in each employee.

It is critical for the team and its members to know when their performance is lacking, and to also be given positive feedback when they do something well. Team motivation in our opinion is linked to proper feedback. The team expectations would have to be that everyone would do their best to get assignments in on time. We also expect every team member to show respect to other teammates when posting comments in the team forum. Lastly, we expect our team members to work together efficiently for the good of team.

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