Performance Review Paper

10 October 2016

I feel that my work ethic still feels consistent and I have still been exceeding my customer service targets. I think the lack of sales is due to higher admin work due to the influx of new starters not confident with the processes. 2. What do you feel has gone well over the last six months? I am an excellent team player and have enjoyed the new responsibility of assisting the new starters. This has helped me increase product knowledge and learn how to train.

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Alongside that my customer service scores are still exceeding and I have successfully maintained excellent after call work where possible. 3. What do you feel has not gone so well? Unfortunately although I have a new found responsibility to assist the new starters, my sales targets over the last six months have not met my usual standard. I have a lot of adhoc work from the new starters and there for this is affecting my sales targets.

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