Persepolis Anaylis of Kim Wilde

10 October 2016

Kim Wilde Analysis In Kim Wilde, it’s been a year after her Uncle Taher dies, Iran reopens its borders. The family gets their passports. Marjane wants the family to take a vacation together but her parents tell her that they need a vacation alone. They tell her that they are going to Turkey. They promised to bring her back Western things, like posters of Kim Wilde and Iron Maiden. Marjane’s father says that he really likes Iron Maiden and the marjane and her mother couldn’t believe it.

In Turkey, the Satrapis go to a record store and buy the posters. They then must think of ways to get the posters back through traditions. None of the ideas seemed to work Marjane’s mother was being creative and she was stitching the posters into a big coat that Mr. Satrapi was wearing. He was feeling silly in the big coat, but when they get back to iran , they reassured the agent there that they have nothing unlawful and the agent lets them pass. When they get back to the house, Marjane’s mother begins passing out the presents they had brought her.

Persepolis Anaylis of Kim Wilde Essay Example

They give her a denim jacket, a Michael Jackson button, and a pair of Nike sneakers. They took the posters out of the coat and Marjane was very happy. She says, “I love Turkey. ” She puts the posters in her room, wears the sneakers and the jacket, and plays air guitar just like Iron Maiden. She tells her mother that she is going out, just down the street, and thinks that her mother is more tolerant than most other mothers who would not let their daughters go out alone at such a young age.

Marjane goes to the corner and buys tons of tapes from men selling Western goods at the black market. She was being sly about it until a group of women stops her. They are members of the women’s branch of the Guardians of the Revolution. They question her on her Western dress. They ask her why she is wearing punk sneakers, and Marji secretly thinks they know nothing of what punk really is. They bully her for wearing a Michael Jackson button and she tries to tell them it is a Malcolm X button because marjane states: “Back then, Michael Jackson was still black. They pull her scarf over her head and terrorized her to take her to the committee, the “HQ of the Guardians of the Revolution. ” Marjane lies and tells them that her mother is dead and that her stepmother is very cruel and will burn her with an iron or send her to an orphanage if she does not go home. The women believe her, they let her go. Back at home, she does not tell her mother what has happened and goes to her room and plays her new tapes loud. She sings: “We’re the kids of America”

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