Personal branding

7 July 2016

Novel Idea: The study aims to understand the paradigm shift in the conventionally accepted perspective of the role of personal branding in the corporate. It discusses about how diversification in the career path leads to brand building of an individual at the same time benefiting the organization. Main Results: The following were derived from the paper; 1. Thus the paper talks about how increasing diversification in the career path which was earlier discouraged, is now considered to be of great benefit to the organization by facilitating the human resource networks as well as the diversified expertise.

2. It also talks about ‘moonlighting’ or increasing one’s visibility by being proactive which helps create a brand for oneself. 3. Every part of the work in an organization is seen as a project, and while working on these projects one not only is building the company’s brand but also is branding himself. Impact: The impact of personal branding though in a very gradual manner has been immense on the corporate sector and is a futuristic model which has and continues to change the way organizations look at the human resource.

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It emphasizes on the paradigm shift and how the corporate ladder has become a checker-board where the horizons of possibilities have expanded and that moving forward requires a great deal of brand building. Evidence: The paper has provided evidence in terms of market products and how the reputation of a product lies on its brand value thus comparing the same with the human resource. By this analogy it emphasizes on promise of value that follows personal brand building.

1. It compares how people are judged on the basis of the brands they are associated with ( for example the clothes they wear, the car they drive, etc. ) 2. It sights examples of companies that acquire small startups whose names start to frequent the news 3. It also states how one can make successive encashment once a brand is built (eg. Authors like Dan Brown, J. K. Rowling, etc. ) Prior Work: Competitive work:

Reproducibility: The paper can be cited while discussing the concepts and the need for personal branding in the corporate world today. It can also be of help in understanding the change in the corporate paradigm in view of marketing. Question: Criticism: From the organizations perspective personal branding may compromise on the expertise that an individual gains from the various projects of the different organizations that one is associated with. Ideas for further work:

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