Personal Digital Assistant

6 June 2017

Contents Introduction Components of PDA Organizational Tools Telephone Service Multimedia Players Web Browser Wi-Fi Capability Keyboard or Stylus Conclusion References 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are handheld or pocket computers capable of a wide range of functions. At their most basic level, they serve as electronic address books and to-do lists. However, the capabilities of PDAs have evolved considerably since their introduction In the late 1980s to Include wireless access to phone, fax, e- mall, the Internet and other subscription-based data services.

Users are able to download information (including books, games, spreadsheets, and word processing documents) from desktop computers or the Internet to their PDAs and beam text messages or business Information to other PDA users. Information can also be entered directly Into PDAs by using a pen-Ilke stylus”most PDAs are able to convert handwritten characters Into type”or Vla small, portable keyboards. A personal digital assistant (PDA), also known as a palmtop computer, or personal data assistant, Is a mobile device that functions as a personal Information manager.

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Current PDAs often have the ability to connect to the Internet. A PDA has an electronic visual display, enabling It to Include a web browser, but some newer models also have audio capabllltles, enabling them to be used as mobile phones or portable media players. Many PDAs can access the Internet, Intranets or extranets Vla WI-FI or Wireless Wide Area Networks. Many PDAs employ touch screen technology. The first PDA was released In 1986 by Psion, the Organizer II. Followed by Psion’s Series 3, In 1991, which began to resemble the more famlllar PDA style.

It also had a ull keyboard. As technology has evolved, PDA’s have grown to Include many other components such as telephone service, Internet capabllltles and even equipped keyboards. While there Personal digital assistants were first created as a means of organizing contact information, scheduling meetings and keeping track of work and daily schedules. PDAs offer a variety of organizational tools. They contain calendars that can be updated by users to remind them of upcoming meetings, appointments and events.

They also have large storage capacity for contacts and allow you to add several umbers per contact as well as the addresses and email addresses of those contacts. Personal digital assistants have evolved to include other services such as telephone service. Most people have a combined phone and PDA, also known as a Smartphone. These devices allow users to place calls, receive voicemail and send text messages. Telephone service adds to a PDA’s ability to organize because it provides users with a method of contacting people to set up meetings and interviews.

Most PDAs now come equipped with multimedia players that allow users to view ideos, pictures and listen to their favorite music. Although this feature doesn’t really enhance the function of a PDA device, it is still an add-on for most newer models. By carrying PDAs and Smartphone’s with multimedia players, users no longer need to carry around additional devices, such as mp3 players. PDAs come with a pre-installed Web browser that will let you check email and surf the Web. Because of this, most PDAs require you to sign up for a data plan.

Data plans will give you a certain amount of monthly bandwidth for a certain price like n Internet service plan. Using this bandwidth and your installed browser, you can have constant access to the Internet. A particularly useful feature of modern PDAs is their ability to connect to wireless networks. If a network is in range and does not require a user login and password, someone who has a PDA can connect to that wireless network and browse the Internet without using their data plan. This feature is great for people who are on the go and do not always have an available Internet connection.

Free wireless capability ill limit your bill and stop you from overusing your allotted data plan. Older models of PDAs came equipped with a stylus touch screen to make typing easier. Now, newer PDAs have keyboards directly on the device. Since these devices are commonly used for sending emails and keeping in touch with people via text messaging, the full keyboard is an excellent time saver. As advancements are made in cellular technology, PDAs are being released with touch-sensitive screens that eliminate the need for a keyboard or stylus.

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