Personal Effectiveness

1 January 2017

First, it’s about sticking to your ideals and fighting for what is right without any trace of prejudice – just like what St. La Salle did for the better of his fellowmen. Second, being a Lasallian is also about becoming selfless when it comes to your responsibility to contribute in building a better future for our nation by using what we have learned in this institution. Being a LaSallian is being able to serve those who are in need. a person who can sacrifice his/her comfort in exchange for a heart fulfilling experience.

A true Lasallian is a person who has passion in reaching those who are unnoticed and down; one who can give his/her time and share his/her talent to others. He is someone whose heart is after for the smile of a child who hunger, whose happiness is the laughter of those who have fallen and sought for assistance. On the interview with Brother Gene, a 65-year old Lasallian brother currently assigned in De La Salle University Taft, Manila, I have realized how dedicated he is in serving our school and sharing the values of being a true Lasallian.

Personal Effectiveness Essay Example

For him, a true Lasallian is all about an alumnus of the university having willingness to help others; to exhibit concern and professionalism towards his companions. Furthermore, he should be well trained, knowledgeable, and easy to deal with. Lastly, he should be simple and straight to the point. In the end, it does not matter which school/university you graduated from. The only thing that matters is the values you have and what you do with it

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