Personal Essay- College Transfer Essay

7 July 2018

I counted minutes for y favorite class to start and once it started, I used to get sucked into lectures so deep not realizing how time went by. I became aware and confidant about changing my major to psychology. Upon my second semester of my freshmen year, I learned from the administration that my school does not offer the major am now planning to pursue. In fact, my school does not even offer bachelor’s degree. I have visited Emory University this summer and even met with some psychology professors.I was impressed of Memory’s highest ranking status among the other universities in southeast region.

By attending Emory, I am looking forward in hoping to expand and extend my knowledge in psychology, participate in more psychology related work, and volunteer to work and cooperate with psychology professors. My intentions for transferring are simply for the academic and educational purposes. I have met many good people and made good friends at my currents school. My professors are well educated.I originally choose GAP because it felt like home. It was neither populated, nor far from my house. However, am willing to push myself for new environment, adventures, and challenges.

My academic achievement that shows in my transcripts proves of my ability to meet the standards and readily face the challenges of Emory University. The university and its program in psychology completely match my interests. Am hoping and looking forward in attending a program and pursue my bachelor’s degree in the field of psychology.

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