Personal Ethical Statement

9 September 2016

As I describe each of these components in this equation of humanity, the “L. E. S. is more” theory will be revealed in full detail. Love, I adamantly believe, is our greatest gift to experience while we have the opportunity to do so. To have the honor to give another human being the feeling of acceptance, warmth, and openness of heart, is truly a gift to embrace and cherish. We each have some form, or ability, with which to provide another person with a receptive attitude and understanding of their contributions to their environment.

Within each individual, exists a desire to feel the welcoming acceptance of another person. The level of acceptance may vary depending upon the individual preference in respect to degrees of communication or physical affection, however, for most people, the drive for love and receptiveness is very strong. By having the understanding of this commonality for love, we ought to provide each other with the respect we each deserve through open reception, warmth of spirit, and considerate communication. To me, Respect is the most ultimate form of love and understanding toward another human being that we can give to each other.

Personal Ethical Statement Essay Example

Encouragement is imperative to the human spirit, in my opinion, and far too underdeveloped in our world. Our ability to succeed, in most aspects of life, is derived from a form of self- esteem. We begin to derive our confidences by feeling achievement of a specific endeavor. Yet, some lack the motivation or belief within themselves that they will accomplish a task they have undertaken. As a partner in mankind, we have a moral obligation to each other to encourage the abilities, strengths, and risks for honest benefit of another human being.

While recognizing our weaknesses, we still have the chance to take the utmost advantages of gifts and talents we have been blessed with to further our futures. Verbal affirmations and personal recognition of individuals, and their successes can only fuel the fires of production. An argument for some may lie in the belief that personal recognition is viewed as a selfish, or attention seeking behavior. Egocentric behaviors or practices can be very self-adoring however, personal recognition in the form of encouragement by another person is different.

Words of excitement and motivation are often times the propellant for someone’s dreams to take flight. Support is the final component in this human equation of moral belief in our ethical responsibility to mankind. Support for another person may be displayed through communication by listening, and providing input in the form of ideas, or even statements of affirmation. Offering resources, such as social or business networking, can be another means of helping to strengthen the foundation of another person.

At times, we have access to any number of talented people within our scope of life, which could be a stepping stone on the pathway to success for a friend or neighbor. These strength building avenues PERSONAL ETHICAL STATEMENT 3 could be offered through skill knowledge, tools, connections, or even finances. Whatever gateway we might be able to open for another, we have the obligation to do so, within reason. Love, Encouragement, and Support, or “L.

E. S. ”, for all of mankind is my moral belief. To show the understanding of Respect for each individual, and their future, is my hope and practice to fulfill my sense of ethical obligation to my fellow man. I truly believe “L. E. S. ” is more in our existence. As displayed in my Ethical Lens Inventory, I am very near the line between all categories, yet lie barely within the Relationship Lens toward Equality. I have been depicted to not have a blind spot. I have a strong drive to “Do The Right Thing”, while using rationality, equality and sense of community in decision making.

I have a strong sense of compassion for others. My weakness can lead me to think with my heart at times, or to be impulsive. My team partner, Ivan, shares the exact personality traits by this categorization. I was able to practice this motto of personal understanding one drizzly October night last year. While driving my son to archery practice, I pulled into the parking lot and immediately saw two people standing over the form of a young man lying on the pavement. As a nurse, I felt compelled to know the circumstances of this odd situation, or if I might be of some assistance.

I approached the two individuals, a man and a woman, and proceeded to ask what was going on. The man had just initiated a call to 911 as I looked down at the man lying on his back on the ground with his eyes closed. He appeared to be a very casually dressed, young man of about 27 years old. More importantly, he appeared to be barely breathing. I quickly knelt down on the cold, wet pavement to do a further assessment. Lifting back his eyelids, I could see the pinpoint size of his pupils; a tell- tale indicator to healthcare workers as opioid overdose.

Opioids overdose can lead to death by causing respiratory depression, and eventually respiratory arrest. The risk of exposure to health dangers crossed my mind, but briefly. With more than a concern for my personal safety, I spared no time in beginning CPR with mouth to mouth rescue breathing, and chest compressions as his heart stopped beating as well. I was by myself performing CPR while the other two people had left the scene of the incident. Worried and exhausted, I continued CPR awaiting emergency crews to arrive on scene.

Police, then firemen, and lastly the paramedics showed up, all looking to me for answers to what had transpired. Firemen and paramedics were able to revive the man with artificial respirations and a dose of Narcan, an opioid antagonist to reverse the respiratory depression symptoms. The man sat up boltright, looked around, stated his name was “Josh” when asked by paramedics. I continued my briefing of the situation to the first responders as the man looked on in disbelief. I was not acknowledged, nor thanked, by Josh. Upon reflection, I realize the compromising position I was exposed to by saving Josh’s life.

I knew the risks as the situation was occurring, yet felt the life and future potential of another human deserved every right to any measure of preservation I might be able to provide at that time. His life may end tomorrow as the result of a similar choice by him. Or, because he had been given the opportunity of life and further promise, he may have chosen to work for the United Nation’s as an Ambassador for Peace. Whatever his choice, I was given the gift of opportunity to provide him with the Love, Encouragement, and Support of one human to another.

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