Personal Finance, Investing and Insurance

4 April 2015
An informative essay about financial responsibility and becoming financially active.

A personal essay about saving and financial responsibility. The author provides a framework of how to become financially active and responsible, how to save and invest and how to secure one’s future.
Financial security is something that all people want to obtain in their lives. There are many aspects that go into being financially secure. Many people in today’s society wait until later in life to start planning for their future. My goal is to have financial security throughout my life by investing and saving at an early age. I feel that one of the worst things that you could do financially, is to get into debt at an early age. When a person is right out of college, they should not spend more money than they need to and they should pay off their college debts as soon as possible. In my opinion, it is very important for an individual to make sure that their future is financially secure.
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