Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a Student

5 May 2017

Personal Goals I want to achieve as a Student. As a 35 year old male working a full time Job, I have found the task of advancing my career to be far more difficult with out a complete college education. So to better my future and self, I have enrolled in the Business program. In addition, to Just taking that leap and register for college courses, I have set aside personal goals as well while attending school. Im not going to be like those people that only wish for good things to come to them, Im going to be one of those that goes out a gets it.

However, all this would not matter if Im not happy living my life. When people set goals for there self there is always a bump in the road, Things change through time. With that in mine, so do the goals that you set earlier in your life. The first goal I have set for myself is to be more proactive durning class and team discussions. Second, while attending school I plan on completing all my workshops, not only to fulfill the requirements to earn a valid grade, but also to help expand my knowledge to aid in y future places of employment.

Personal Goals I Want to Achieve as a Student Essay Example

Finally, certainly not least the most important goal I want to achieve at school will be to obtain a Bachelor degree in my program of study. I have learned throughout course work that by not taking my part in class discussions and asking as many questions on the materials that I did not understand my course work suffered a great amount. I’m not to make the same mistake twice I plan on being more proactive in class and in team discussions.

By being more ctive in class and with my team, it will not only help me to focus more, but it will give me a better understanding of the topic I am studying. Also by not being afraid to answer questions and push myself to take part in class discussions, I will take in tools that will not only help in learning additional knowledge, but tools to assist me in work activities as well. With better knowledge of the subject I should see a vast rise in my productivity rather then a steep decline, and overall see better grades.

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