Personal Identity

7 July 2016

In life there will be many of challenges, you just have to be the stronger person and fight it through. There will be many people trying to get in your way of success; first thing you have to do is find yourself. If you know yourself can’t no one tell you what your not capable of. It took me awhile to actually find out the person I was. There were many of challenges I came across and didn’t succeed. Everything takes time, you have to tell yourself that you can and will be anything you want to be. Growing up I didn’t know what I wanted to be in the future, I changed my mind over a million times.

When you’re a kid you have the biggest dreams and you see yourself with the biggest future, not knowing what you have to do in order to get to the place you want to be. I am the youngest of the 4 of my mothers kids, being that im the youngest I have the most guidance because it was passed down to me from the older kids. I respect everybody because that’s what I would want in return. You have to find yourself before you can work on anything, you have to know how far you can go. Life itself is about finding yourself, putting yourself in the position to succeed.

Personal Identity Essay Example

As a child life for myself was great, I wouldn’t say I was silvered spooned or nothing. Growing up my mother was a single mother but she was a great one. She provided everything for me, we we’re pretty wealthy. When I was a child I knew my place. Everything I know I was taught by pretty much everyone. When something wasn’t right I always had to get a second opinion from some I had a billion teachers; I would walk up to a complete stranger and ask them something that I didn’t know the answer to just to hear the opinion from someone else.

In life things don’t come easy; you have to work for everything you want in order to succeed. As you may have figured out, yes I am the baby of my family. My mom has 2 sons and 2 daughters. I look up to each and every one of them. My older brother is 29 he’s a successful probation officer, my 22 year old brother has joined the navy, and my 30 year old sister is a registered nurse. My mom is a construction worker at one of the biggest refineries in the state of Texas.

Being the baby has its highs and its lows, I like that I am the baby because when I need to know certain answers to things I can just ask one of my siblings and I know they will give me some of the best answers. Being that I am the baby I’m super spoiled, I pretty much get whatever I want. Elementary to me was the best stages of school, because it starts you off. I was new to everything and learned faster than the other students. Elementary students love to color, but I didn’t I loved reading and writing. People would call me weird because of that, but that’s just what I enjoyed to do.

Things didn’t start getting rough until middle school; this is where everyone grew up and want to experience new things. I stayed on the right track and it was very had to influence me to do something that wasn’t right, that’s just what made me so different from everyone. My teachers in middle school did everything they could to prepare me for high school. They said they knew I would make it to become successful so they taught me everything they could. Dancing literally is my life; I’ve been dancing since I was 2. Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and modern dance were my specialty.

High school is when everything literally mattered to me, I was involved in everything. Track, the dance team captain, I ran track, I even played softball. I pretty much got involved with anything that would keep me out of trouble and on the right track. In high school everyone gets excited, because you are actually getting ready to follow your goals. You wait all this time to do what you actually want to do in your career field. 9th grade was pretty difficult because everything is new, you experience everything new.

I remember staying up all night writing long essay, because my English teacher was one of the hardest teachers. I took all advance placement classes, these classes get you prepared for college great. In the 11th grade I was already use to the feeling of having to more work than others, because of my placement. By 12th grade I was ranked number 5 in my entire class, that was a wonderful feeling knowing all my hard work paid off. Just being able to see my family so proud of me was the best feeling in the world.

Everything felt right my dream finally came true I was really getting ready to graduate and go off to college. I didn’t attend college soon as I graduated from high school, I wait a semester and worked at the public library. To get feeling of the college life, I didn’t want to get there and be completely lost. I thank everyone who believed in me today and actually helped me make it to the person I am today. I have people looking up to me and it would hurt me if I let them down, I will be successful.

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