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5 May 2017

And trade. Although some of these changes made by foreign influence weren’t all that good, the Hawaiians learned more about foreigners and their way of life. Foreign influence had a negative impact on Hawaii which led to venereal diseases that killed hundreds of thousands of Hawaiians, debt, prostitution, alcoholism, the destruction of their homeland and poverty. Personal Information – @ Web!! By tanzirahmed Personal information is vital and important resources for each person in the world. Our personal identification or information as important as an account information for a company exists.

How personal information gets affected on web? Well, In this decade we are totally depend on the Internet and we can not live a single day without Internet. So somehow we have to share our personal identification in online to satisfy our daily needs and requirements without even concerning what will going be happen next if my personal information goes in wrong hands. On the other hand, some group of people or some personals are always hunting for people personal identification for making money or to misuse those information.

For instance, if we have our credit card information online and somehow it goes to wrong hands we can lost our all money Just in a moment. Additionally, some website making money using our personal information like people search, photo search etc as they can access our information from our social network website account such as Face book. Additionally, Ad ware, spy ware or spam mail could stole our information if we are unattended. To prevent misuse of personal information or identification I would recommended to follow the below information which will minimise your information being damaged. We should read terms and condition regardless of creating account in any websites as they motioned some significant information which could lead to damage your personal identification. For instance, Face book terms and conditions says once you create account with us, your all information will be legal to use for face book regardless you delete or update your information it will be remain their property. – We should not open any spam mail unless you know the person. This is one of the biggest scam right now on Internet where as they are saying to give you millions dollars in a week.

So we should not disclose our personal information to them. – We should not open any flashy ad ware which could redirect you to another website or could install some software automatically to stole your information from your ersonal computer. – We should use some anti spy ware software and Internet security software to prevent from spy ware and ad ware and general virus. – We should remove our cache, cookies and history from our browser as some websites could access our information from browser. Moreover, we always need to upgrade the browser for safety purpose. How Did Foreigners Influence Hawaii?

By Shareelovee Sharee Paat Period- 3 12-10-09 How Did Foreigners Influence Hawaiians? In January of 1778, Captain Cook discovered the Hawaiian Islands. Many foreigners from around the world began to arrive, introducing many new things to the Hawaiians. Foreign influence brought trade to Hawaii, which gave Hawaiians metal and guns. Even though foreign influence had some positive effects on Hawaii, I believe that foreign influence had a negative impact on Hawaii because trade brought not only guns and metal, but it also led to famine, disease, debt, and the deaths and lessening of the Hawaiian population.

In 1778, Captain Cook and his men stopped in Hawaii during the Hawaiians season of Harvest. The Hawaiians believed that Cook was the God Lono. Captain Cook took advantage of this and began to trade with the Hawaiians. The Hawaiians wanted metal because it had some value as gold. Captain Cook traded iron nails with the Hawaiians, in exchange; the Hawaiians gave him 60 pigs per nail. The Hawaiian women slept with Cooks men in exchange for nails, which led to the spread of diseases to the Hawaiians.

Captain Cooks arrival had a negative influence on the Hawaiians because he took advantage of the Hawaiians’ resources by trading excessively and he allowed his men to spread venereal diseases to the Hawaiian women, spreading to many Hawaiians. Soon after Cooks visit to Hawaii, many foreigners from around the world arrived to trade with Hawaiians. Many foreigners wanted to trade with the Hawaiians for their Sandalwood. Hawaiian chiefs commanded the commoners of Hawaii to cut down sandalwood trees after seeing all the good things they could trade it for, like billiard tables and guns.

All the Hawaiians’ labor was used to cut down sandalwood trees rather than growing and harvesting food for their families. This led to starvation and famine, killing many Hawaiians. The cutting of the sandalwood trees soon ended after the Hawaiians ran out of resources. Because there were no more sandalwood trees, the chiefs were unable to pay off their debts to foreign traders. Trade with foreigners had a negative effect on Hawaii because it led to famine, death, debt, and he destruction of their land. Trade caused more problems to the Hawaiians than Just famine and debt.

Trade introduced alcohol to the Hawaiians, which they used to face with their problems caused by debt and death. Because the Hawaiians had nothing to eat, they turned to prostitution to help them get food and other necessities. The Hawaiian women sold their bodies and the men became sailors to attract people who would pay to sleep with the women. Prostitution increased the spread of diseases, killing more Hawaiians. Foreign influence caused diseases, debt, and deaths. Therefore, foreign influence had a negative impact on Hawaii.

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