Personal narrative

3 March 2019

One day me my dad and our friend went dirtbiking to a place called haspen acres with 1000 acres of trails and motocross tracks and when we go there we ride dirtbikes and we also see rail buggies and quads but I love to dirtbike there its fun we normally ride the trails but there are so many we don’t even get through half of them in one day.
When I go there I really have to be careful because of the quads and rail buggies but when we go there sometimes we ride the motocross track and then we ride the trails some more I hate getting stuck in the mud and trying to get my dirtbike back out but my dad normally helps me. I also love going there because I get better at riding every time I go but next time I go I will have a bigger dirtbike A yz 125 that is a fast bike to ride but now I can handle it because im big enough now my dad is starting to believe that I can handle it so we are putting the motor back in it because we are putting new pistons in it so it will run good and when I take that to haspen it wont get stuck in nothing I hope because it is heavier than my 80 but still it has more power and that is what my day at haspen is like.

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