Personal Responsibility

Task Personal Responsibility Thesis Rough Draft Many people have different complex ideas of what the definition of personal responsibility is, I feel mine is simple. My definition of personal responsibility is, when someone takes accountability for their obligations. To me this means that if someone accepts to do a particular project or assignment they are responsible and accountable to make sure it gets done.

College success very closely relates to personal responsibility in that, in order to be successful in college you have to take personal responsibility to complete your assignments and courses on time in order to graduate when you are scheduled to. I am going to put aside time each night and find a spot in my house where I can study without distractions to complete my course work on time. To be specific, having personal responsibility means you have to be accountable for your actions.

When people are holding themselves accountable for their actions they tend to work harder to complete the task correctly.

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They also will be certain to turn it in when it is due. Another part of the equation is taking responsibility for yourself. Being responsible means you do your assignments on time. It also means you did them correctly. By being responsible you show others you can be depended upon to fulfill your part of the task.

The final portion of my definition is feeling a sense of accomplishment. Finishing a task on time and correctly gives a person a great sense of accomplishment. Being able to contribute to the team goals and be acknowledged for it makes a person feel good. I know I take a sense of pride when I am able to accomplish something I’ve been tasked with and finish it to the best of my ability and the rest of the team is happy with my efforts.

In conclusion, although some people rather let others handle things, people need to be accountable for their actions for three main reasons. First, if people keep themselves accountable they will do a better job and complete their tasks on time. Second, it gives a person a sense of accomplishment and they feel good about themselves. But most importantly, it shows the other members on the team that they will do their part and can be relied and depended upon and complete their portion of the work.

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