Personal Responsibility Essay

11 November 2016

Everyone owes it to themselves to chase their dreams and make them come true. The first step is to be proactive and not reactive. “Proactive means more than merely taking initiative. It means as human beings we are responsible with our own lives (Covey, 2004)”. The difference between proactive and reactive people is that proactive people are those that have an A-type personality, the ones that don’t blame the situations around them and they are value based driven. Each individual have to be that type of person and a place where to start with is with them by being honest and true.

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Accept that everything is not perfect; face their fears instead of running the other way and to keep in mind that when it is all said and done, they did it. Everyone needs to get up and take advantage of all the sources available from the heavens down to the ground and make use of it. If you trip along the way, get up, dust yourself off and keep going. Most people know and understand that every goal has their obstacles, every success has their testing moments and so every dream has their own steps to take to make it a reality.

Personal responsibility happens between the mental decision and action taken. It is that desire and the courage of taking the step and move forward. It could be just getting over some type of pain that has causes them to falter in life or making that decision to forgive and let go. Everything begins and ends with every individual; every thought, decision, step that they took. It is also important that in everything that they do, they don’t lose themselves in the process. No one wants to wake up one day and realize that you got caught up to make your dreams come true and not enjoy it in the process.

Once decisions have been made to take that first step then things should fall into place accordingly. That is what personal responsibility means. As I mentioned earlier, personal responsibility is to be proactive and get up, take advantage of all the sources available from the heavens down to the ground that we walk on. But first, it means that individuals have to accept the concept. The acceptance of personal responsibility is what separates the adult from the child. It’s the great leap forward into maturity.

Responsibility is the hallmark of the fully integrated, fully functioning human being. It goes hand in hand with success, achievement, motivation, happiness and self-actualization. “It’s the absolute minimum requirement for the accomplishment of everything you could ever really want in life” (Tracy, 2011). One of those sources is college education. This brought about the explanation of the relationship between personal responsibility and college success. It is not much of a difference. They’re both important assets for having a successful living and achieving a lifelong dream.

Everyone’s goal right now is to obtain their degree and for some of them, this is just the first step they took on the journey of achieving their goal and for others, they may already be halfway done or just about to graduate. Wherever they are right now, the fact that they are actively participating in achieving their goals and making their dream come true by accessing the one of the many sources available to them says a lot. Personal responsibility and college success are designed to empower any individual for a lifelong success.

They go hand in hand and unless they work with it diligently and not slack off or procrastinate, that is the only way that they can achieve their dream and be successful in the long run. There are so many things that can come in the way of achieving that goal and it is up to us to make sure that there is nothing standing in the way. In order to do that, everyone have to go through certain steps to be successful. Time management is one of the most important steps to take; knowing how to manage time and making sure that they set themselves according to that time is vital to their success.

Reason being is that it will teach them the importance of keeping up with appointments and meetings. A good work ethic lies within how much time anyone can put into their work, how much they can take away from it and making sure that it was done in a timely manner. This means that there are no rooms for slack or procrastination. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, Procrastination by definition is to put off intentionally and habitually. It is also taking the A-B-C to do list and messing it up. For example, taking what is the most important things to accomplish from the list and replacing it with the least important.

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles that are in the way of achieving success. One way to chop it down and get over it is to get their minds off of mentally planning to actively doing. Instead saying that they are going to do it, they have to convince themselves that they must do it, and not waste any more time. Effective time management is a primary means to a less stressful life. These practices can help reduce stress and reclaiming their professional and personal life (“Time Management: Tips to Reduce Stress and Improve Productivity”, n. d. ).

Practicing personal responsibility in education takes proper planning, goal setting, schedule keeping, and active participation. With all that under everyone’s belt, along with a lot of faith, they are on their way to being more than successful, truly fulfilled, and proud of their accomplishments. Keep in mind that if anyone wants to go far and beyond their wildest dreams, they have to be proactive in all that they do. “By centering our lives on timeless, unchanging principles, we create a fundamental paradigm. It is the center that puts all other centers in perspective”. (P. 123 Covey, 2004).

The next and last step is making sure that priorities are straight. Using the elimination process is the best way to get all thoughts and plans together. Setting mission statements, goals and making sure that each individual follow through with them is vital to attain a less stressful environment. In the end, it is important that every individual does not forget to breathe. In conclusion, personal responsibility consist of individuals who are willing to work from their inner-self and out, taking the initiative to accomplish the work at hand, and use different skills available to them in order to create a less stress environment for all.

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