Personal Statement

6 June 2016

In entering the world of business school, though I know that I do not have all the qualities that may assure my acceptance into the college, I believe that I still have the capabilities to perform well and cope with the challenges ahead. Indeed, it is quite unfortunate that my realization of pursuing MBA in business has come quite late.

Nevertheless, through several factors, my desire to pursue an MBA degree has been firmly developed. More importantly, I realized that my degree in MBA is the most effective way of achieving my dream to become a global brand manager of an interactive entertainment company. Hence, in the evaluation of my qualification, I hope that the admission committee would consider my employment and experiences that contributed to my decision of enrolling in a Business school.

Personal Statement Essay Example

With regard to my GMAT, which I believe is given much weight, I was not fortunate enough to obtain a high score for my past two exams. Although I worked hard, the result was not satisfactory because my score was just below the standard deviation of an accepted GSB student. Aside from that, my performance has been hindered by several factors. Aside from being uncertain of my career goals and aspirations, my role in the firm that I am currently connected has been demanding much of my time. In addition, I dedicate part of my time and effort in a non-profit organization.

During my undergraduate years, I was not certain of my direction due to many areas that I am also interested into. I did not also have heavy quantitative coursework and did not perform well as I only obtained C average. Interestingly, in my financial accounting, I attained an A grade. Apart from that, I found that my passion in arts and humanities and social sciences has deviated my interest in business.

After spending much time and effort in school, I was able to finish Sociology and obtained my management certificate. Currently, I am at school taking up Corporate Finance Accounting. But then, my low scores and failures did not discourage me. Instead, I had been increasingly inspired because I discovered that I can accomplish much and can even excel in other fields.

My desire to pursue MBA program has also been inspired by my exposure and discoveries about Graduate School of Business (GSB). Over the past years, I had an opportunity to attend GSB’s information sessions, visit the campuses and nearby communities and interview MBA students. Remarkably, my exposure has given me a holistic understanding about GSB’s community, benefits, rewards, and demands.

In taking an MBA program and in pursuing the life that I have been dreaming, I believe that experience also plays a major role. After college, I was not able to immediately seek employment due to the freeze hiring policies adopted after the 9/11 and NASDAQ incidents. Fortunately, I was employed by the Blockbuster Video Entertainment as a Sales Representative. My duties included managing customers’ needs and handling claims.

Then I was hired by (name of your company) in 2002. At the very start of my employment, I had already been assigned to take a variety of challenging roles ranging from business development initiative to project or client account manager to media purchasing and planning. As a project/client manager, I was tasked to manage portfolio of accounts, varying from high profile clientele to not-for-profit organizations in order to tap other networks and generate more income.

On the other hand, as a purchaser, I was responsible and accountable for implementing and managing complex media budgets and campaigns.

Remarkably, my encompassing professional responsibilities have enhanced my research and solving capabilities and improved my written and oral communication skills as well. I also earned a greater understanding and awareness as to the scope and importance of sales and marketing fields. At present, I am still connected with the company and still continue to learn and earn experiences that would be necessary in achieving my lifetime career goal.

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