Personal statement

6 June 2016

The opportunity to show compassion towards other people, and make a difference in their lives I find rewarding and this career in nursing helps me fulfil those aspirations. From a young I have had the desire to become a nurse, as I would play nursing with the family. As I grew older I recognised the benefits of nursing to people and myself.

I enjoy caring and helping people and apprehended my calm sensitive personality for people. I tend to have a very caring and friendly personality and have sympathy for people. I love building close relationships with people of all ages and nationalities, as I am fluent in English and Somali and can also communicate well in Dutch and furthermore helping people, which is why I would be a suitable candidate for this course. I am currently studying health and social care and medical science BTEC level 3, which include lots of health care and biology based work.

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My health and social care subject has given me wide range of knowledge as the topics cover many health related topics which would be beneficial to me in a health care setting. Medical science subject has covered many of the biological subjects such as diseases and illness.

I have also taken on the Extended Project which has taught me the independence of my own work without any guidance from a teacher which I enjoyed very much because it gave me the choice to choose any subject I am interested in. the subject For the past three years as well as studying I have been undergoing a very special and valuable part-time job which included working with a young disabled child who suffers from cerebral pasy, which means he is unable to use his limbs and is in a wheelchair.

I have faced various day to day challenging work while there which included very physical procedures which needed to be carried out on a daily basis, I have gained wide variety of skills like having developed a natural care for people, I have also known to have improved mainly in my communication and interpersonal skills, it also involved me learning how to carry and lift him, I also would feed him. Assisting with the care of my elderly grandfather who suffers from dementia, is what also got me interested in adult nursing, I would assist him with personal care and mobility.

This has taught me lot responsibilities. I have developed much experience from this job which will come to my gain in my nursing career hopefully. During my first year in college I went on a work placement at a school for disabled children, I did some work with a child one to one. It’s at this time my passion and grew stronger in working with people in the health sector.

In my free time I like to relax and do some activities such as exercise’s and listening to music. I feel it’s especially important to unwind after a long day. I have had to overcome adversity to get this far into my academic career, and am sure to face even more the farther along I go. Financially, I have been challenged because working outside the home was too much to do.

I have always been interested to take my degree to another country such as Africa and work there for a couple of years because I love the idea of helping in deprived countries. I have gained a lot experience to give me a more practical understanding of what is involved in being a nurse. I find the idea of working with a variation of people of with various health conditions and ailments to be highly interesting and mentally challenging, which is why I wish to study Adult Nursing.

I would enjoy nursing because it gives me the opportunity to work with and care for all different types of people. I have a tendency to be sensitive too, and calm in, difficult situations which are particularly beneficial. A career in nursing would also appeal to my natural curiosity and interest in learning new things as I am aware I will be given opportunities to develop many new skills throughout my training and career progression. The journey of my career starts here at your university.

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