Personal Statement

5 May 2019

Bright lights, high ceilings, gold sculptures, light-up fountains, marble floors, Persian rugs. A plethora of people; women swanning their elegant evening gowns and men sporting their tailored suits – waiting. Waiting for the doors of the theatre in the MGM Grand to open. The performance was going to be a magic show – a night filled with illusion and tricks that were sure to amaze.

I was 5-years-old and my family, along with some family friends were on Spring Break in Las Vegas. Most nights the kids got dropped off after dinner at a kid center while the parents went out and gambled. This night was different; we were all going to a magic show. I was ecstatic. For being a 5-year-old girl, you might assume that I would be yelling and chirping in excitement. However, I was not that kid; I did not let my emotions show and rarely spoke. It’s just the way I was.

Although I don’t remember the show and most of the trip, I do remember one quirky thing and very out of character act I did while standing in line for the show…

The parents and older kids were gossiping along with the rest of the adults in the crowded hall. I walked into the middle of the parents circle and tugged on my mom’s arm. “What?” she asked. I said I could do a magic trick. She gave me a confused and interested look and told me to do it.

“I’m going to take my eyeball out and wash it.” By that time more people were watching in interest at the little girl – me. I cupped my hand over my eye and acted like I was digging my eyeball out. I then closed my eye and cupped my “eyeball” in my hand. I put it up to my mouth and started moving my tongue (eyeball) around. I put my hand back to my mouth and removed the “eyeball.” I almost dropped it! I carefully put it back in my eye. I opened my eye, blinked a couple of times, moved it around, and yelled, “TADA!”

The whole group of people around me, which had grown, was clapping and laughing. My mom scooped me up happily and asked where I learned that from. I just smiled and went back to mute, so she just chuckled.

My sporadic sense of humor comes from my dad. We are quiet and thoughtful. Everything we do has a purpose because we think before we act. We come in and out of conversations with tactful and often sharp comments. The quirkiest things come out of us at the best times. It’s just the way we are.

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