Personal Statement Essay Sample

9 September 2017

Personal Statement # 1: Explain why you are interested in go toing the Coast Guard Academy and what you expect to acquire out of your four old ages as a Cadet. Articulate other ends you have established for yourself and your attempts to carry through them. Give at least one illustration that demonstrates your work ethic and diligence. ( Limit 500 words on a individual page ) .

I wish to put high ends for myself. The fact that a little per centum of appliers using to the USCGA really acquire admitted does non discourage me. I have set my compass to derive a military instruction for myself. I am motivated me to seek entree to the Coast Guard Academy by three rules. 1. Duty to my Country. 2. Service to God. 3. Committedness to self.

Having the privilege to function my state in the countries of fatherland security or military constabulary after traveling to the Coast Guard Academy would be a great award to me.

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Bing a citizen of this state is a privilege. I feel it is my duty to function America citizens.

In my service to God I am motivated to utilize the life God has given me to make something meaningful and purposeful. non to merely take the easy manner out and seashore to through life hardly acquiring by. Over clip my service to God has increased tremendously. my commitment went from merely traveling to be at that place to looking frontward to it and taking the charge at some points. I became more involved in church activities. traveling on mission trips or volunteering with Vacation Bible School for classs pre-kindergarten to sixth class. It became more interesting and strengthened my moralss as I was able to understand it as I got older. I learned subject and dedication to faith and my fold. These beliefs help me acquire through the harder times in my life.

Finally. committedness to self and reverent to the codifications. If I had non made a committed to myself I would hold let myself discontinue on my dream and ends. I have wanted to travel to a military school since in-between school age 9. The armed forces has ever been appealing to me in what they carry out and the engineering that is integrated into it. For illustration the micro chips that are put into missiles. like land to air missiles are interesting to me. The engineering needed to find the flight to put the class of the missile and the many deliberate variables that come up when cruising through air. H2O. or even infinite. In the summer of 2011 I participated in the USNA STEM cantonment in Annapolis. Maryland. There I met many diverse people who shared a common end. to larn the scientific discipline taught by the military service academies.

What I expect to retain from the four old ages at the Coast Guard Academy is to be an all about better person. What this would imply is the creative activity of better wonts. spread outing my cognition on how to go a leader. and rational cognition every bit good. I would wish to take more of a leading place but some of the times I’m non certain how to. and being excessively disdainful I won’t ask inquiries or for aid. These are wonts of mine that I have to beef up. the weak nexus in the concatenation.

An case of my work ethic and diligence would be my current Eagle Scout Project. When organizing work yearss I need to be organized. and exactly communicate so there is no confusion. When doing phone calls and electronic mails I am certain to relay clear information that is sent out to finish the coveted undertaking for that twenty-four hours. Planing in front is cardinal.

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