Personal statement for MSA

5 May 2017

If to use a single word describing myself, I would say, “integrity’, which means a mixture of various qualities and views from different cultures and working experiences. My hometown, **, which was a harbor and now the booming coastal metropolis, brought me a grant view of how fast the speed of globalization is. Meanwhile, the dramatic economic growth of the city enlightened me for seeking and digging qualities that would match its future. As a result, I went to the other hemisphere of the world, United States, which was described as the most developed country, to ursue my Bachelor’s degree in business finance.

Through the Joyful college life with diligent study in coursework and a verity of academic club taking, on a sunny day, Aug 28th, 2011, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University with Magna Cum Laude. Moreover, my 3. 86 specialization GPA makes me a competitive individual among my schoolmates. Seeking a Job is not a fun thing, especially for a recent graduate and in the economic downturn, though, I still keep myself with the optimistic attitude and enough confidence in this whole process.

Before my first official Job was offered, I gathered a erious of experiences from different positions: work as a part-time tax processor in a credited accounting firm, ***as a par-time bookkeeper in an entertainment company, Prime Social Group; and, even work as a sales associate in the subsidy of Gap, Inc, Old Navvy. These experiences, which supposed not decent enough for an honor graduate, told me how hard life could be, and made me more perseverant.

After scatted out hundreds of my resume, and Joined tens something interview, I got my first official Job offer: financial analyst in ***, a healthcare financial consulting firm. My frank peers introduced me with some models and methodologies the company uses for a number of hospitals and nursing homes. Though some of the analysis sounds hard at the first glance, I still believe my personal qualities and skills, for example, I am a profound thinker that is knowledgeable of computer language Access SQL and Excel, could help me to conquer them.

I penetrated myself in calculating and analyzing those Key Performance Indexes and valuation models. After I submitted my first report, though it’s not perfect, my supervisor, ***, comment this as,” It’s amazing or a recent graduate with little analysis experiences to create the model and fgure such a lot of crucial points out”. Besides, even the principle of the team,***, who used to be a professor in ***, appreciated my work ethic. Those words did stimulate me for a while.

Experiences in ** extended my view of what consulting firms could help for clients. Consulting are not limit in investment finance taking care of stocks and bonds, IPO issuing, etc, more than that, lots of consulting firms are doing analysis on a corporate base, thus, much accounting knowledge involved. I also remember Andrew said to me wou d be essential tor getting a senior level position in financial consulting firm, and, a Master of Accounting would be a plus.

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