Personal Statement for U of I

5 May 2019

I grew up believing I could attain anything. There were no rules. As a 12 year old whose grandfather was the mayor of a small town, in the Philippines, I was convinced I was royalty.

The continual vocal lessons, dance lessons, acting workshops, and a short-lived modeling career were the foundation to my dreams in becoming an actress. However, my perfect little world shattered when I was plucked from my small town of Batangas and moved to America.

Personal Statement for U of I Essay Example

My family migrated to Lombard, Illinois, sharing a one bedroom apartment. Obviously, starting our “new life” was rough. I state this, asking not for pity but pointing out my appreciation for dining tables, beds, and the luxury of cable.
Education was no joke for me. Knowing my parents traded a van for a BMW, a floor for a bed, and rice and soy sauce for dinner in exchange for a “better future” for my brother and me, I strived for my best. In high school, I took a lot of honors and AP classes. Hearing that extracurricular activities were the key to scholarships and college acceptance, I joined and participated in as much as I could, especially in Theatre.

In my junior year, balancing academics and extracurricular activities, plus transferring to a new school overwhelmed me. I resorted to taking regular classes, but keeping with the English Honors route, which sparked my interest in writing and literature.

Although I was determined to go to college, I was uncertain of why. It was instilled in my brain to be successful and college would be the only way. Because of my uncertainty and my financial standing, College of Dupage became my stepping stone. Taking English and Theatre Appreciation fueled my existing passion for Theatre and Writing.

I grew out of my childhood movie star fantasy and found a new dream. I want to help others fulfill their dreams of stardom, especially those who can’t afford it. At University of Illinois, I hope to further my education in Theatre Studies, combining my passion for theatre and literature.

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