Personal Statement Master Essay Sample

9 September 2017

I am composing this statement of intent to province my involvement in using for a Masters Degree Program ( MEng. ) in Electronic Systems Engineering for autumn 2011. I have completed my bachelor’s grade ( B. E ) in Electrical Engineering in Dec 2009 from a university that has a history of about 90 old ages of bring forthing high quality alumnuss. Presently I am working as a Trainee Service Engineer at a Finland based company chiefly recognized for its sustainable and dependable Power solutions. I maintained 1st division throughout my academic calling. I passed my B. E with 72 % Markss. During undergraduate degree I found Digital Signal Processing. Communication Systems. Instrumentation. Logic design & A ; exchanging theory and Integrated Circuits really interesting. For this ground I have decided to take Masterss Program in Electronic Systems Engineering.

The chief motives for me to use to this plan are the co-operative nature of the grade so that I would be deriving professional experience during the clip of survey with an international exposure and the economical fee construction. The module which comprises of really extremely qualified instructors convinced me that U of R is an optimal pick for me to prosecute alumnus surveies in footings of cost of survey and life. quality of instruction and international experience. Besides my academic makings. I steadfastly believe that my work experiences would besides measure up me as a good campaigner for this plan. As a Trainee Service Engineer at Wartsila. I worked with electrical care squad to transport out planned and unplanned care at different sites of Wartsila power workss. During my occupation I have visited and The assorted proficient expertness that I acquired at Wartsila are • Maintenance and meggering of alternators

• Inspection of safety checkpoints of engines
• Megger Testing of motors
• Relay testing
• AVR parametric quantities look intoing
• Engine mechanization system proving e. g PLC

I besides worked as an Internee at Business unit Energy Automation ( EA ) provides a broad scope of systems and solutions to heighten the web efficiency. It helped me to understand basic constructs of mechanization. I undertook my concluding twelvemonth undertaking titled Working with one of the most critical bring forthing Stationss of helped me to derive a invaluable experience. In our undertaking we have studied the assorted mistakes associated with an electrical system. their analyses. their sensing through assorted relays and assorted protection strategies associated with a generating and transmittal system. Properly applied protective relaying initiates the disjunction of the problem country while operation and service in the remainder of the system continue. Bing an of import squad participant. I learnt to pass on efficaciously with others team member and pull off the undertaking successfully in footings of deadlines. costs and presentations other so proficient cognition. With my academic background and relevant experience. I am confident that I would be able to execute good in this plan.

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