Personal Statement (Oxford)

7 July 2018

The passion is rooted from the place where I grew up, and sparked by a practice of environmental change research I experienced recently. I grew up in Zingier, Annexing, China ?a small oasis located in the junction between the Yellow River and Tenure Desert in northwestern China. My feeling on this land has been a complex mixture of love and sigh, as folks are nurtured by this land, but also tortured by frequent sand storms and very dry weather. During my college life in Jungian University, l, as a volunteer, participated in a research project to study the environmental changes and the corresponding socio-economic effects around Saputo.

As impressed by the fresh scene of Saputo, the place where once engulfed by desert has been covered mostly by vegetation. Because of the success in desert-control, Saputo is known as a “Miracle in the history of the world’s desertification control”. I was honored to be invited to participate in the field investigation led by Professor A from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Through participating in the research project, I obtained the knowledge on the history of the desert movement and principles overriding the desertification control.I have also learned that the achievement of Saputo desertification control project has attracted the attention of experts and scholars from many parts of the world, including the Dean of SST Cross College of Oxford university, Professor who visited Tenure Desert with Professor Hung in 2007. Deeply impressed with the success of desertification control at Saputo, I have been very interested in topics related to geography and environmental conservation since then. For this, I have done some studies on climate change, ecological protection, energy inspiration and environmental economics.

Personal Statement (Oxford) Essay Example

I have also been keeping in a close contact with Proof.A for consulting and discussing issues on geographical and environmental aspects. Through my contacts with Professor A, who used to be a research fellow at Oxford university, and many other sources including the information shown on the website of Oxford University, understand well that Oxford University is one of the leading universities in geography in the world. Following my passion and maturing self-conscious, I started to draw my own blueprint cautiously – I would make all my effort to ran an offer from Oxford University for studying in the programmer of Nature, Society and Environmental Policy.Armed by the knowledge and skills gained from my college study, I will dedicate myself on environmental protection in my hometown. Am truly convinced that choosing to become an Oxford’s “dark blue” is the best choice to fulfill my life’s pursuit. I sincerely hope that I can be admitted as a postgraduate student of Oxford University, and I am very confident of my capability for completing my studies at Oxford university.

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