Personal Values, Ground Rules and or Ethics Development

1 January 2017

Nik is one of the key players with an organization that has decided to have a greater presence in Kava. Nik recently joined the courts, and he is apprehensive about his new job. Nevertheless, with Nik preoccupied personal life. He has a new love interest and a dog that needs to be house trained, to name a few. Nik begins to realize that he misjudged the dilemma facing Kava and his new assignment. The scene quickly changed from ideas of paradise to a very big disaster.

When Nik meets the other key player, his supervisor Alex, he is again surprised because Alex is not as he imagined. Nik quickly bounces back from the curve balls that he has been thrown as Alex briefs him on facts about Kava, their company’s purpose, and his expected contributions. Nik realizes that this first assignment will require that he be fully focused and practice many of the skills that he learned in college.

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Chris is the third key player. He is Nik’s boss. Nik will need to identify the issues and apply a decision-making technique to further define the issues, analyze the steps involved, and apply elements of critical thinking.

Issues Kava faces several issues because it is an area often affected by disaster like tornadoes, petroleum spill, volcanoes, floods, avian flu, and internal or external terrorism. The country is diverse with ethnicities, race, religion, and beliefs. This is a positive for like merging cultures, but it can be difficult when trying to find solutions to the country’s issues. The diversity may conflict. Nik immediately thinks the task is too hard because so many disasters happen in the country, but the company has an objective so he joins the team. The company’s founder has keen interests. He wants to do what is right.

The company’s presence will also build its character and they also cannot keep taking from Kava and not providing any return. Key stakeholders will have concerns about the impacts. Decision-Making Technique to Identify Solutions Nik’s decision-making technique for Kava will be strategic. The decisions are of a high level and will have a large impact on Kava. They are risky with several people affected by the outcome. Nik will follow key steps to make his decision. He will identify the objectives, determine action of passive or active, and collectively apply what he has learned in his previous experiences.

He should list possible solutions and decide the pros and cons of each solution. Nik can also apply measured criteria to his solutions or goals. Analysis of Steps Used Nik’s decision-making tool will start with identifying the objectives. Clear goals will help him in organizing his actions. The goals for Kava will include creating a strong company presence, organizing all resources, advocating the need for additional resources, and electronic filing solutions. Niks initial response to Alex about packing and leaving because the problem is too large to fix would be choosing no decision.

This is a step in the decision-making process that Nik decided not to implement. He has Alex to guide him and so they will be making an effort. Nik’s approach will still be a little passive to allow Alex’s expertise to guide them. This is Nik’s first big project with the courts and so he should be familiar with the company before taking lead. Nik will need to be careful to still look for alternative solutions to those brought up by Alex. “Inexperienced decision makers can get caught in an inaction trap” (Robbins, 2004, p. 2).

Nik should identify any effects of the decisions made because decisions are not made in isolation. The goals may affect Kava or the company in the future. An example is the decision to support gas resources. The company is not helping Kava for recognition, but the help will affect their image. Nik had a preconceived idea of what Kava would look like and he later found the opposite. Nik will need to avoid bias and do research so that the decision-making process can be successful. This will also help him set realistic goals. Alex told Nik that he will have to use all the resources that he learned in college.

Nik should collectively consider what he learned, but he should be selective about which concepts he will apply for this decision to avoid information overload. “That is, the information we receive exceeds our capacity to process it” (Robbins, 2004, p. 41). To list the pros and cons of each solution, Nik will draw a table for each solution and list the pros and cons for each decision. This is still more of a brainstorming activity, so Nik will have to apply numbers to weigh carefully the decision. He can do this by applying measured criteria to each solution. This will give each solution points for benefits.

Nik will have weights for each with the higher weights meaning the solution will have more positive impacts. The Elements of Critical Thinking The elements of critical thinking that will affect Nik’s decisions include self-understanding, the irrational mind, ethical reasoning, and becoming a fair-minded thinker. Nik admitted that he was unaware of Kava issues because they did not directly affect him. The issues do affect him, but he will have to avoid egocentrism when making decisions. This will require some big picture thinking. The irrational mind solutions are not attainable.

Nik has to consider the company’s capabilities and make solutions based on those capabilities. Ethical reasoning will hit Nik, Kava, and the company. These decisions can make the difference between right and wrong. Many companies have their own ethics and so Nik will be able to guide his actions if he is familiar with company ethics. Fair-mindedness will require Nik to consider his background and religion and not make decisions based wholly on his personal beliefs. Conclusion Nik will be able to apply the decision-making tools to find the best solutions and also to implement the solutions.

Nik will have technical resources to consider like funding for his project and technology access. He will be able to go back to the decision making exercises of pros and cons or measured criteria to help the entire project. Nik’s decisions are strategic so he will need to take care to consider all effects when he implements.

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