Personal Writing Evaluation

1 January 2017

As far back as i can remember, I’ve been good at it. People usually refer to a dictionary or spell check on a regular basis when writing, but I rarely need to. For example, in high school, I would always see my fellow classmates with a dictionary on their desk, where as I would never have to use one. Also as a young child I entered and won a few spelling bee’s in the school district. Proof reading and editing is another strength I have. I always re-read over my papers at least twice once I have finished them. I double check for sentence structure errors and punctuation mistakes.

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As I re-read my papers, usually I find extra details and descriptions that I may have left out. I consider this a strength because if I did not proof read my writings, my papers would contain more errors, lack essential detail and descriptions, and possibly leave the reader confused. One of my weaknesses would have to be coming up with topics to write about and starting off the paper. This may come easy to others, but for me its a struggle. Brainstorming usually takes up more time then writing the actual paper does.

I can spend hours and hours with a blank piece of paper, just trying to get a start. I usually just have to go on to something else and just let it come to me. Organization and focusing on the topic is always a challenge. I hate making bubble clusters even though I know they will just be beneficial for me in the long run. As I write a paper, I always tend to get distracted and side tracked on the task. For example, right now I’m actually thinking about what I want to eat tomorrow instead about evaluating my strengths and weaknesses as a writer.

Procrastination is probably my biggest weakness of all when it comes to writing and school in general. Even if I am given a 3 week notice ahead of time, I will always wait till the last minute to do the assignment. I’ll admit, I’m very lazy when it comes to school work, but I feel that if my assignments had to do with stuff that I was interested in, I would probably not be as lazy and just get into it quicker. By taking English MO1A, I hope to learn how to turn my weaknesses into strengths so I can improve my writing.

I want to learn how to focus on the task at hand and not get distracted with meaning less stuff. I want to learn tips and tricks to help me come up with good topics and concrete details to make my writing much more interesting and enjoyable for my readers to read. Finally, I want to stop procrastinating, not only in my writing assignments, but everything when it comes to school work. I have big plans for my future and I need to learn to be more focused on deadlines so I don’t get left behind in my education.

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