Personality Theories

12 December 2017

Kelly explained personality change as a result of Answer adjusting to environmental pressures. Successive constructions of the replications of events. Question 5 increase the predictability of events. Question 6 Slot movement describes changing to the contrast pole of a construct. Question 7 “Is your teacher happy? ” a student is asked.

The student replies, “I don’t know; I never thought about that. ” What interpretation from Kelly’s theory is appropriate? B. The teacher is outside the range of convenience of the student’s construct “happiness. ” Correct Answer: “happiness.Question 8 Despite numerous physical difficulties, artist Friday Kohl believed she could be successful in her work. This is called Answer self-efficacy. Question 9 Michel focuses particularly on variables.

Cognitive Question 10 According to Michel, traits contradict describe Question 1 1 behavior. “If I ask Jane to go to the movies, will she go, or reject me? ” This is a question of behavior-outcome expectancies. Question 12 According to Michel, people are not passively controlled by their environment because they can develop to influence their own behavior.

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Answer self-regulatory systems Question 13 Michel conducted research on the delay of gratification in Answer children. Question 14 Delay of gratification is easier if the child sees models who delay their own gratification. Question 15 Bandanna’s concept of describes the mutual influences of the person, the environment, and behavior. Answer reciprocal determinism The main function of the self-system, as described by Bandeau, is to Answer regulate behavior.

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