Persuaive Essay on Gun Control

Do you think guns should be used for protection well I do because what if someone broke into your house and you had nothing to defend yourself with, what would you do without a firearm. People normally use guns for collecting, recreational purposes, such as hunting, and militaries use firearms to protect themselves in war. I think we shouldn’t have gun control because citizens need guns to protect hem selves from criminals and danger. First of all, the crime rate would go down if citizens had guns.

With guns people would be able to make the crime rate go down by protecting themselves from criminals by carrying a firearm. This shows that if citizens were allowed to carry a gun they would be able to stop mass killings or shootings before they happen, it would reduce the crime. By allowing citizens who are screened properly to carry a concealed weapon, in certain situations you may be able to save someone’s life. An example of that is when at Pearl High School, the vice principal who had a gun in his car, and was able to stop a 16-year- old, who had killed his mother and two students, before he could drive away.

He most likely was headed for the nearby junior high. In other situations, you may have an off duty police officer or someone who is legally carrying a firearm come to the rescue and stop the shooter. Therefore they are preventing the shooter from killing other people. By having armed guards in Schools, and public places you are preventing shootings and crimes from possibly taking place. Even Senator Barbara Boxer who is an advocate for gun control, has recognized the importance of armed defense. She pushed to have airline pilots armed with guns.

So there is great value in being able to able to protect yourself and others by having a permitted firearm. Firstly killers go to where citizens can’t defend themselves like in movie theaters, schools, etc. I think if citizens were able to own a gun, and able to carry a concealed firearms with proper qualifications, they may be in a position to defend themselves and others in these type of situations. There needs to be some gun control. But, you also do not want to prevent People’s right to bear arms and protect themselves.

It is a very delicate balance. You don’t want criminals to have guns, but you need to let the people protect themselves. So being able to carry a concealed weapon in certain situations would be beneficial. What you want to ban are the extreme weapons that somehow end up in the wrong hands. By allowing police officers to be placed in the schools, and public places you deter people from going into these areas and committing a crime, such as shooting at whoever is in their way. They may think twice before committing such a crime.

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