Persuasive and Expository Paragraph Example

6 June 2017

Persuasive: Have you ever looked at that vibrant rainbow frosting on your cupcake and wondered where that colour came from? That stuff doesnt come from nature-and it sure isnt good for you. I believe that all artificial food dyes and colouring should be banned. These colourful menaces have been proven to cause hyperactivity, restlessness, and attention problems In many children – particularly those with

They may look innocent on the backs of your favourite Lucky Charms cereal boxes, but Green 3 was inked to bladder cancer back In 1981 and Blue 2 was linked to brain tumors In mice. If you and I went to Metrotown McDonalds right now to get a strawberry sundae, it would be packed with artificial Red 40, which side effects can potentially cause severe hives from head to toe for some children; however, if we got the same sundae from a McDonald’s In the Its colour would Instead come from natural strawberries.

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Many other countries have already placed numerous bans on food dyes, and I think It’s time for Canada to take action, too. Expository: A lot of my friends tell me that living with siblings is hard, but to be honest, being an only child isn’t all that great, either. First of all, all my parents’ nagging is directed at me. If I had a sibling, they probably would need to care about my slster/brother, too. Secondly, my parents can be very over protective – especially since I’m their only child.

I wasnt allowed to walk to school by myself until last year, and most of my riends have been walking to school themselves since they were nine or ten. Something else that bothers me Is that my parents have that mindset where they have everything in my life planned out and controlled, where if I had a sibling they probably wouldn’t have all their hopes and dreams put on my shoulders. Lastly, being an only child means you cant have a younger sister who you can bring trick-or- treating with – a cute little toddler always makes people stuff extra candy into your bag.

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