Persuasive Astrology

6 June 2017

The study of astrology may seem like a world full of mysticism and uncertainty. It is natural to question how someone’s personality traits can be determined by planetary alignments; after all it does seem far-fetched. Astrology and the zodiac are a lot more complex than the average person realizes. Until you take the time to fully research and understand astrology, it’s impossible to get the most accurate zodiac profile. In ancient times, astrology was closely linked to fields such as astronomy, philosophy and medicine.

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Astrology is a broad topic with deep roots in history that must be broken down in order to fully understand it. The average person is only aware of their sun sign; this is only the beginning of one’s zodiac profile. Each planet in our solar system is representative of a certain aspect of life. In order to get the most precise reading of your zodiac, you have to know which sign was affecting each planet on the date and time you were born. This can become as specific as to what degree the planet is influenced by its respective sign.

If you weren’t aware of how in epth a study astrology is, I encourage you to find out. Daily and even monthly horoscopes simply aren’t specific enough. No two people’s zodiac profile is the same (unless you were born on the same day, time and at the same place), so in essence no two people’s horoscope can be the same. Magazines and websites grouping whole zodiac signs into one small group and giving a general horoscope is why there is a drastic decrease in accuracy. You can’t blame people for becoming skeptics because the horoscopes they have been exposed to aren’t the roduct of “real” astrology.

There are a number of different ways to discover your “true” zodiac, the easiest of these being through the internet. By simply typing in “zodiac calculator”, numerous websites will pop up. You want to choose one that requires your date, time and place of birth. The results you get should be overwhelming, after all there’s a lot that goes into your zodiac. Most websites provide you with a diagram that shows the symbols for each planet and sign as well as how they correspond with each other.

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