Persuasive Essay

9 September 2016

Every teacher has a different set of rules in their classroom. Anyone you talk to has that one teacher with the most irrelevant rule you could think of. In school, there is a diverse population of students that tend to need a variety of guidance to assist them through the day. One of the most common rules a teacher has is, no food in the classroom. This rule should be removed from every teacher’s classroom for the following reasons: not enough time to eat a healthy breakfast, having enough energy, and keeping focus in class.

One of the many reasons students should be able to eat in class is due to that us students don’t have enough time to wake up earlier and cook our self a nice meal. We barely have enough time to get ready for school in the mornings. It is even harder, trying to eat breakfast, if a student has to ride the bus or walk everyday. All of the years that I’ve been attending school there have not been a year when teachers don’t emphasize how important eating breakfast is. We have heard multiple of times “the most important mean of the day is breakfast. ” This is the main reason why we should be allowed to eat.

Persuasive Essay Essay Example

Another reason why students should be able to eat in class is because teachers are allowed to eat in front of us but we can’t do the same. We should have to follow the same rules. There has been a time where I go to school with any empty stomach and I always see a teacher eating something and it makes me focus on that. Seeing them eat doesn’t let me concentrate and it makes me hungrier seeing and smelling it. Finally, why teachers should let kids eat in class, is because kids will have energy to participate in class. Shouldn’t all teachers want to see all their students hands up wanting to answer questions?

If teachers would just give it a chance and let students eat in class they would be participating in school activities and fund raisers. In conclusion, the rule, “no eating in class” should be obliterated. Because students do not have enough time to eat a healthy breakfast, having enough energy, and keeping focus in class. Students will be more active, get better grades, and overall would likely be more willing to come to school. Think about the students and what will make the environment for them easier and more enjoyable for their time in school.

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