Persuasive Essay

1 January 2017

In today’s society, people of all ages and genders are with their cell phones at all times. Whether it is while driving, walking down the aisle in a grocery store, or even in class, cell phones have become a part of everyday live. However, it is always a controversy in the classroom between teachers and students whether cell phone usage should be allowed in school. Students might enjoy using their cellular devises during class but this inflicts more harm than help towards everyone.

The most harmful attributes of using a cell phone in class can be narrowed to simple distraction and cheating. A cell phone can produce many distractions in the classroom. Loud ringtones and musical noises can easily cause a huge disturbance by calls, notifications, games, or text messages. If allowed, students would take full advantage of the use of their cell phones. Students could answer phone calls or reply to text messages at any given time during class. With today’s technology, the everyday cell phone has actually been transformed into a miniature computer.

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Now these cellular devices come with many more sources of entertainment along with internet capabilities. The capability of downloading games and applications would become more of a worry for the students than learning the lesson that class is providing that day. With all of these distractions a cell phone provides, any lesson would turn into hell for both the teacher and the students who actually intend to do something. Cell phones could also provide a means of cheating on tests. Almost all cell phones have texting, and kids have become good at texting without getting caught.

It would be easy for kids to text each other the answers to tests during testing sessions if everyone is allowed to use their phone during class. If teachers ask what students are doing, they can just say that they are texting their mom. Now, some might say that kids are more honest than that, but they are wrong. If kids can find a way to cheat on tests, they will. Allowing cell phones in school would disregard cheating on tests, allowing for teens to get unfair test grades, and would only provide harmful preparation for college and life in the real world. Distractions such as cell phones don’t belong in school.

There is no need for cell phones in the schools, just as there was no need for them in the past. In the case of an emergency, schools have in place systems that protect the children and notify the parents. Cell phones in school are an unnecessary disturbance that take time away from teachers and can be a resource in cheating. Whether people feel it is necessary to have cell phones in the schools or not, it is still a disturbance to their children’s education. It is harm to the children to allow cell phones during school hours. Cell phones have become a gigantic problem in many ways and should remain forbidden during school hours.

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