Persuasive Essay

7 July 2018

Some people believe that paying athletes would destroy the main reason of universities which is to revive education. The lifetime skills and education that athletes receive while in college cannot be equal to the amount they would receive were they to be paid. Most athletes are also on scholarship, and they are getting a very expensive education paid for, when they could just be swimming in student loans. Athletes also know about their contracts with the colleges when signing scholarship agreements.The university takes care of their living needs and gives them an opportunity to play their preferred sport at a higher level as well as earning a degree in their chosen subject. Payment is not mentioned in he contract and there should not be any expectancy of it during the student’s stay in the university.

I believe that athletes make up the main unit of college vs. college sports. Despite the success of NCAA tournaments, athletes do not receive any money, even when they are the ones providing the entertainment.The main reasons provided by the NCAA for not paying their athletes are that it wants to keep its amateur ways and that payment would change and ruin the trustworthiness of different college sports. It has gotten its bigger profits from the sale of merchandise, television rights and licenses for video games. Athletes are very active in the promotion of these activities but they don’t get anything from the profits that are made. This is very unethical, and can be seen as exploitation.

Other students on scholarships are paid when they offer services to their schools and it should be the same for athletes. This is because athletes make more for their colleges than other students. So much that in some cases, sports have become the main thing of some colleges. Using this information, universities like Alabama and Indiana are more well known because of their football and basketball instead of academic reasons. In conclusion, I believe that non-scholarship athletes should get compensation.If not a paycheck, then at least money toward their tuition fees. They are taking time out of their day, to entertain the common people.

Athletes on scholarships do get some spending money if they do well during the season. Some get paid under the table, but in my opinion it ruins their integrity and makes them become self righteous, therefore ruining their skill, and giving the colleges no reason to pay them anymore. So non-scholarship athletes should get paid. It is still in question whether or not students with a scholarship should or shouldn’t get paid.

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