Persuasive Letter

1 January 2017

Possible internships for your company In such a successful and powerful company such as, M&M Title Services, inc. , you probably are a very busy company. Sometimes having a few extra people around to help out in the company can be very helpful. For this reason, City College is offering well trained and qualified interns to work and internship in your company.

At City College, our students are very hardworking and intelligent people. In order for us to allow a student to become an intern, they must meet certain requirements such as having completed two or more courses in the area of internship and received a “B” or better. According to our internship program: Interns that work for your company can either be paid or unpaid, should involve substantive work supervised by someone in your company and must have at least 100 hours of on-site work experience during the term.

Persuasive Letter Essay Example

We at City College are more then willing to discuss and compromise on any of these requirements. You may be debating whether or not students at City College can really be good interns, but let me assure you, these students are one of the best and can be outstanding interns. I encourage you and your company to have one or more of our student’s intern in your company, you won’t regret it. Sincerely, Stephanie Morales Stephanie Morales Director of Internship Program

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