The statement in sentence number 6 seems to be the best among other statements. It gives off a possibility raised by the given premises (minor and major). The fifth statement does not only give the chances of addiction in watching T.V. but also offers a prediction explained by the two premises. The first statement goes third place. It affirms a conclusion by the two same conditions. Fourth in line is the idea numbered 4. It raises an assumption although it can be said that the minor premise may offer hasty generalization. Same goes with the second statement rated as fifth.

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An addiction could be observed as a compulsively habit, not merely because one is “not satisfied”. The statement numbered 3 is rated as the sixth idea that needs revision. It proposes an unsound comparison between the effects of drug and watching T.V. addiction. Take note that both addictions are developed under different circumstances and environment, therefore the comparison among the two is simply illogical.

The statement that most need a revision is the seventh statement. The generalization that “addictive behaviors to television create relationship problems” is completely out of basis. There is a possibility that a relationship between two T.V. addicts could be formed. Also, not all relationship could be well affected by T.V. viewing addiction.

Activity II. “Portfolio of Advertisement”

Most Persuasive Argument in the Advertisement – Webster Cigars’ The Christmas Gift for Important Men. (Behrens and Rosen 694)

Major Premise: Vintage Cigars are mostly used by gorgeous men and charming women often dressed in suits, tuxedos and sophisticated dresses; figuratively those in the social class.

Minor Premise: Webster Cigars is classified as a vintage cigar that is very aristocratic and has a staying aftertaste, suitable as an urbane Christmas gift.

Conclusion: Webster Cigars is an elegant Christmas gift for those significant people in the social class.


Behrens, Laurens and Rosen, Leonard. Writing and Reading across the Curriculum. New York: Longman, 2007

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