Persuasive memo

6 June 2016

My name is Darrell Pace and I am requesting to continue research for the implementation of a Spanish curriculum in the Professional Academy Day School. The proposed research will greatly impact our students, parents, and faculty because the world is becoming increasingly interconnected. Parents are turning to language immersion programs for their toddlers and preschoolers. Some are motivated by the desire to preserve family heritage and culture.

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Others see early language instruction as a way to provide their children with the academic and cognitive advantages. It is very important for the Professional Academy Day School to accommodate the interest of our parents who entrust their children to us, to teach them skills that are beneficial now and in the future. When we offer the children in our day school the very best curriculum, it enhances our credibility among our competition and the community.

According to the article by Stephanie Meade, “7 benefits of Raising Bilingual Kids”, it shows that bilingual children have the following advantages over that of monolingual students: Bilingual children have a better ability to focus and ignore distractions in the environment Bilingual kids can switch from one activity to another faster and are better at multitasking. Bilinguals have increased mental flexibility and creativity.

Bilingual children in dual-immersion schools have been shown in one study to score higher on both verbal and math standardized test conducted in English Bilingual children display stronger logic skills and are better equipped at solving mental puzzles Being bilingual carries over throughout life as it alters brain chemistry and starving off the onset of Alzheimer’s. After learning two languages, it makes it more apt for learning a third language

The advantages of a child being immersed into a school that offers dual languages cannot be ignored nor taken lightly when the demographics toward Spanish speaking cultures have more than doubled over the last ten years here in our state of Texas. Our school will be behind the curve if we don’t react now and research the necessary curriculum that will be the most effective among our students in the classroom. In the article, “Preschool Curriculum: What’s in it for Children and Teachers” written by The Albert Shanker Institute, children learn language when it is presented in meaningful contexts.

A strong curriculum teaches vocabulary during studies of interesting content. This strategy which we have found through our research provides repeated exposure to new words and teaches children the words they need to represent the new ideas and concepts that they are learning. Our research will prove that the proper Spanish curriculum produces success in math, science, literacy, social studies and the arts. Language is the foundation for children’s learning, and the pre-k years are a crucial time for Spanish language development. The research on Spanish curriculum in Pre-k and kindergarten classes is timely and it is of substantial importance to the future of learning at the Professional Academy Day School.

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