Persuasive Outlines for Gay Marriage

5 May 2017

There are differences in a persuasive and informative speech. First, a persuasive speech means to influence your listeners to change their way of thinking to yours through factual and logical information. A persuasive speech will get your listeners to re-evaluate their view on a topic and change their beliefs. A persuasive speech is not to deliver complete information but to use information to make a convincing argument. An informative speech has the purpose to inform your listeners to a specific topic. An informative speech is to teach and educate a person or group of people on a certain subject.

You are not trying to change the opinion of someone just giving new information. The differences between the two are persuasion is to get another person to see you way and change their own view on the subject. An informative speech is to teach and educate another person about a specific topic. For an example, an informative speech about cheerios would tell you how the product was made and where it comes from. Where a persuasive speech about Cheerios would tell you why you should eat them instead of say Rice Crispies.

Persuasive Outlines for Gay Marriage Essay Example

Persuasive speeches are use more by politicians, salesperson, and lawyers because their role is to get you to think their way is the right way. An informative speech is for say teachers, professors, counselors, mentors because their roles are to teach and educate you on a subject not change your views. The informational speech does not lead your listeners towards a conclusion as the persuasive speech does. gregory, H. (2008). public speaking for college & carrer. boston ma : mcgraw-hill . nalven, k. (2011, june 3). differences between persausive & informative speaking. Retrieved august 17, 2011, from ehow contributor: www. ehow. com

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