Pet Peeve Speech: People Without Manners

12 December 2017

So how many of you ever had a door slammed on your face? Or done a favor for someone else and they do not acknowledge what you did for them? They do not say thank you’ or ‘please? II. Thesis Statement A. I don’t know about you but It drives me crazy when someone does not have manners. Ill. Support A.

For example, last week as I was leaving my office building my hands were full. I was arraying my purse, lunch bag, laptop, and jacket.The gentlemen I shared the elevator with noticed my hands were full, the elevator doors opened and we both exited the elevator. As I was attempting to leave the building the door slammed right in my face. How rude! Instead of being a gentleman he slammed the door behind him and did not have the manners to leave the door open for me. By all means, I am not saying I need people to always open the door for me, but if you are exiting and see someone behind you, the right thing to do is open the door for them.I always attempt to make it a point to open the door for someone if I can, say please and thank you, and respect those around me.

B. According to a 201 5 article in Women’s Health, in the United States 7 out of 10 women and men do not have manners. This article also states that women are bigger culprits, they do not have manners towards catheter. IV. Conclusion A. Always remember and practice what momma told you, treat others with respect and have manners!

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