Peter Pan

You hear that name and you automatically think of pirates, fairies, lost boys, Wendy and her two brothers on the adventures they had in Never Never Land. The 1953 cartoon movie, Peter Pan, is mainly about him living out his life as a young boy, never to grow up. He and the lost boys live their lives fighting evil pirates, swimming with mermaids and just having dangerous but fun adventures. Peter Pan can’t seem to grasp the idea of Middle Childhood unlike Wendy who is somewhat ready to grown up.

Throughout the story you see not only Peter and Wendy go through changes but as well as Michael and John. They go from preschool years to Middle Childhood and potentially adolescence. Despite their fears and denials of growing up, when faced with Captain Hook and his pirate crew, growing up is the greatest adventure of all. Wendy the Story Teller Wendy Darling is the older sister of her two brothers in the movie.

The opening scene of the movie introduces the boys playing pirates and Wendy is picking up after them and watching them closely. She straight-out demonstrates the “mother-in-training” aspect in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Though as soon as the father comes in complaining about finding his cufflinks he gets upset with them and states “Wendy, this will be your last night staying in the nursery…it is time for you to grow up! ” There was a shock and awe felt around the room from hearing those words.

The boys cried out, “But who’s going to tell us stories now?! ” Wendy was upset at the fact at what the father said but there was nothing to be done about it. It left off leaving them confused and upset on why she had to leave and grow up. It can be as though as she accepts the fact that it will be her last night in the nursery, and shows that she can think more logically than her younger brothers. Piaget calls this the Concrete Operational Stage, which is the ability to actively and appropriately use logic.

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