Peter Rose, the Baseball Player

4 April 2015
A discussion on Peter Rose’s investigation and its effect on his career.

This paper examines Peter Rose’s life and career and examines he was not allowed into the baseball Hall of Fame. The author also discusses in great detail Peter’s 1989 investigation by a baseball commissioner.
It seems almost impossible to deny the fact that Pete Rose had a serious gambling problem. Like many such problems that lie in the gray area between psychological and physiological (for gambling, while not clearly biologically based like a drug addiction may well contain a biological element, for the brains of people with addictions to everything ranging from gambling to cigarettes exhibit similar brain chemistry), gambling is something that is very difficult to control. And one of the reasons that it is in fact so difficult to control is the fact that those in the grips of such an addiction so not see how bad their state actually is. Denial is a central element of the disease.

Peter Rose, the Baseball Player Essay Example

Pete Rose was a great player. His playing merits recognition in the Hall of Fame. But his actions as a human being off the field should deny him that position.

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