Petra Malmo

9 September 2016

AfricaPetra malena moe or more commonly known as Malla moe, was a missionary for about 28 years. Malla moe was born on September 12, 1863 in hafslo, Norway. In those years she had to overcome the struggle of some hard times. Malla moe ‘s mother Brita Lonhiem moe gave birth to nine children . Out of the nine children only six lived and Malla moe was one. She was a survivor from the beginning. When she was about 12 years old she started to go to evangelistic meetings. When Malla Moe’s aunt was on her death bed she asked Malla moe to come with her to heaven.

Malla moe began to want a deeper walk with God. Later after her father’s death it made her realize that our actions must follow beliefs even if it was different than the “normal” religious behavior. Malla moe made a promise to her mom on her death bed to take care of her little sister Dorothea after she had peace and assurance of her own salvation. This is when Malla moe began to want to serve God and tell people about God’s word. Karin (Malla Moe’s sister), invited Malla moe and Dorothea (Malla Moe’s other sister) to come live with her in Chicago.

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When Malla moe was there she attended trinity Lutheran church, but more importantly she attended moody church led by Reuben Archer Torrey. Torrey was a man that challenged Malla moe to become a missionary. Even though she desired to become a missionary she lacked in the education to do so. In 1891 the conflict became more heated when she attended Fredrik Franson’s evangelistic meetings. In June a group of missionary’s arrived to begin there langue’s study with East Africa Free mission in ekutandanei, natal. The reality of the African life quickly tested the faith and commitment of the missionary’s.

Many missionaries could not take the harsh conditions of Africa. Malla moe had to go through intense langue study because of her lack in education. As a supplement to the program she spent short periods of time in African tribal kraals (camps). Malla moe joined in African work with a native, mapelepele gamede. They were both baptized together but Malla got baptized then for the second time. mapelepele gamedes inability to read was a stumbling block, but after a long time in the forest he returned with a great gift of immediate literacy.

Malla Moe thought it was truly a miracle from God. He was renamed Johane, then he became Malla’s life long companion and a great helper as she faced problems with her language and cultural background. He also became a national helper that would accompany her into the kraals (camps) and help her train native converts. In 1898 a permanent mission site was built, named bethel. That is where Malla spent most of her time for the next fifty six years. She was a driving and forceful leader where ever she worked.

After the three-year furlough in 1902 Malla begun to gather financial and spiritual support. A group called Afrika Gruppen in Minnesota, sent fund to help support Malla Moe from 1904 until her death. One of Malla’s three years were spent in Norway. When Malla was in chapel she was forbidden to speak because of her loud outburst, and her blunt way she spoke to people, which was appropriate in Africa but not in Norway. In Norway they had a very conservative chapel service compared to the African Service she was used to. In 1916 a furlough extended the next six years.

At that time Malla worked in Chicago, east and west coasts and in Canada. When she was in Norway she had more successful visits then the pervious one and she helped in some of the revivals. During that time she was disabled with a hip injury for the second time. In October 1992 she returned to Africa. Because of Malla moes dominating behavior and her disregard of others’ feeling and responsibilities. But because of the head of a new bible school dropped the request of eliminating her from the staff. Malla Moe’s term begun and lasted the following thirty-one years until her death. in 1927 Malla moe began a wagon missionary when she was sixty five years old. With the help of a driver, a leader of the donkey team of eight pairs and girls to do the cooking, Malla moe began journeys into untraveled and unevangelized areas. They would set up camp and work within an eight mile radius. The wagon ministry traveled through Swaziland, and then to Tonga land. Her life-long helper joined her on the journeys she took. This lasted ten years until 1938, because Malla moe was operated on at Nazarene Hospital in Bremersdorp for a severe attack of boils.

The need to consolidate her efforts resulted in a “circularly” letter sent to friends and supporter started in 1932 with the help of jenson. The number began with 132 and then grew to hundreds. A new church was started in 1944, seeded by a personal gift from Malla moe and it was completed five years later. By 1950 Malla Moe’s health had been broken by a mountain climb to visit a kraal (camp) when she was not well. Although the physical difficulties were hard for her to bear she would often say “all grace of god. ” Malla moe died at the age of ninety on October 16, 1953.

So Malla moe had to overcome some hard times but she always trusted and put her faith in God . She became known as a strong women of God. Through reading Malla Moe’s story it’s made me want to become a stronger person in God. Seeing all the things Malla moe went through for God. It has made me realize all the things we go through does not compare to what some missionary’s go through to serve god. She gave her whole life to the African people and it made me see that she was not a selfish person. Thinking about how Malla moe changed the world I would have to say she became a Strong persistent women of God .

She lived all the days of her life trying to teach people the word of God . Malla moe tried to life her life showing the world a perfect example of how God would want us to live. She was a truly dedicated women of God until the day she went to meet Jesus in heaven . She must of changed the people in Africa’s life the most. She showed them dedication to God . She also taught them that the love of God is worth living for. The people of Africa also learned to trust in God especially in the harsh conditions many people where exposed to in Africa .

We will never know how many people that this one woman touched and changed their lives . I am sure in Africa her name is still known among many . Her stories are handed down throughout generations . If only we can live our lives with a servants hart we to could touch many lives. She died in Africa. Her story told of hardship, long treks in the bush, sacrifice, and love for Jesus. Heaven will only reveal how many people came to Christ because of her. In my report I talked to you about Petra malena moe and how she got through her hard times.

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