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1 January 2017

If my company’s product is mobile phones I feel that a global strategy would be most effective. A global strategy would allow my company to employ the same competitive approach in each of the countries because everyone’s use of a mobile phone is the same. For most, the means of a mobile phone has internet, communications, and for some, applications to use on the mobile phone. I feel like mobile phones only change with technology but do not change country to country. . I think that if my company’s product is dry soup mixes and canned soups, a multidomestic strategy would be more advisable than a global strategy. The company would need to think local and act local. Not all soup tastes are the same in each country. For example, a canned soup with beef in it is appropriate in the U. S. but would not work in India. Each country’s local needs should be addressed when dealing with soup or any food in general. c.

If my company’s products were large home appliances I think it would make more sense to use a transnational strategy. I think that when dealing with large home appliances the company needs to incorporate globalized and localized approach. The company needs to be able to expand in all markets but needs to take into consideration what the local communities want and need. The large refrigerators made for the U. S. do not work in England, but if the company can balance the global and local objectives. . If my company’s products were apparel and footwear, a transnational strategy would seem more appealing. Like McDonald’s and KFC, the company would need to implement it with mass-customization. Each country has different terrains and need certain customizations. An indoor track shoe may not be useful in certain countries. By being able to adapt and customize the apparel to work in the countries, the product should appeal to local consumers.

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