Phantoms- Acceptance

10 October 2019

They aren’t known globally, and it takes a lot to find their cd in the many different places of the music store…But they are there. A band that blended the sounds of instruments and the intensity of lyrics and vocals in perfect harmony. Acceptance started out small and gained a local following, eventually taking the attention of Colombia records. And that was where it began with Black Lines to Battlefields, an EP release that gained much attention throughout the music world. But it wasn’t until their first and only release, Phantoms, came out that anyone really paid attention.
Phantoms starts out strong with tracks such as “Over You” “Permanent” and your regular pop/punk alternative ballads. But there’s something magical about these guys, a little different than what is played on the radio and blares through the speakers when summer comes along. They had the magic to be big with their expert harmonies, and catchy guitar riffs. It’s pieced together perfectly, telling a story in such a way that leaves you wanting more. However, Acceptance broke up in the spring of 2006, lending their guitarist to the alternative band Anberlin, and the others to work on achieving the stardom that they touched. I give their album 4 out of 5 stars because some of their songs are less memorable and more repetitive, but overall they do show a uniqueness rarely found in todays overblown pop industry.

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