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8 August 2016

Design and write a description for the following event, incorporating the six critical dimensions of an event experience including anticipation, arrival, atmosphere, appetite, activity, and the amenities. A pharmaceutical company exhibiting at a medical convention trade show in your city wants to host an off-site evening hospitality reception for 200 of its best customers, featuring a theme that celebrates the local culture. Below you will find a description of an off-site evening hospitality reception for 200 of the pharmaceutical company’s best customers.

In order to have a plan well developed, it is important to incorporate the six critical dimensions of an event experience. Of course, the very first step would be to conduct a meeting that involves everyone that will be involved in the planning of this event to discuss the purpose, goals and objectives of this event. We know that we’re targeting 200 of the pharmaceutical company’s 200 best customers and theme would be “customer appreciation day”. ANTICIPATION

Pharmaceutical industry Essay Example

Once we’ve agreed on the purpose, goals and objectives of the event, we would be printing flyers to be handed out during the medical convention trade show as a reminder to our customers. We will begin by sending a special invitation to our customers with a description of the event with an RSVP card so we can get an idea as to how many customers would be interested in attending the event. By doing this, we can determine if we would have room for last minute requests that could possibly arise at the medical convention trade show.

This invitation would include the purpose of this event and prepare our guests for the experience. We would also include the date, time and location. We would also need to know ahead of time if our customers will need transportation services. It would be important for me to get a better understanding of who is considered a “best customer” so I can determine if we should try to promote this event in connection with the overall convention trade show advertising. It would also be a great idea to prepare a reminder email a few days prior to the event as a reminder.

Once we receive the RSVP’s, we will need to send a confirmation that will include a map of the facility and with a request for dinner menu options. ARRIVAL Usually, pharmaceutical companies like to go above and beyond when they are offering such receptions to their customers with the purpose of customer appreciation and ultimately, increasing sales. The off-site evening hospitality reception would be taking place near the medical convention trade show. We would provide our guests with VIP parking and limo transportation to and from locations within a certain mile radius.

We should plan to have guides and ushers waiting at the front door to meet and greet our guests and for direction to our facility location. If we will be serving alcoholic beverages, most likely the facility that will be chosen will require a certain number of security guards depending on the number of guests and we should plan for that as well. ATMOSPHERE The event will be taking place in a smaller reception hall near the medical convention trade show. We will have a large banner at the main entrance welcoming our guests.

As our guests walk in, we would have a coat check area. There will be about 30 round tables with white linens with 6 to 8 chairs per table for our guests. Seating will not be assigned. The tables will be decorated with a small centerpiece that will include a price at the end of the night. Only one chair in each table will have the winning message underneath the chair which will be announced at the end dinner. We will also have set souvenirs for all our guests. We will also have flyers with information on or newest product in the line on the tables (creative advertising).

We will be taking this opportunity to assist the pharmaceutical representatives in the promotion of our newest products (very lightly). We will have a stage with a jazz band playing during the reception. We would also have waiters and waitresses providing our guests with water, drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Waiters and waitresses may also help to direct our guests to the available restrooms. APPETITE Refreshments, wine and hors d’oeuvres will be available as our guest arrive. Our guests would have already notes their dinner meal preferences when the RSVP’d.

We will also plan to set up a station/island with a nice ice sculpture surrounded with a variety of fruit pieces for our guests to choose from while we prepare for dinner. ACTIVITY We will have a discrete booth with information on our newest products and have a representative onsite to answer questions. Once all guests have checked in and have given them enough time to mingle, we will have our president do a welcome speech and thank our guests for attending and their support.

We will make some acknowledgments and prepare to serve dinner. AMENITIES By the end of dinner, we would note the centerpiece and ask all guests to check under their seats for the winning note that will identify the winner of the prize in the centerpiece. We will also ask thank them for attending and for their business. We would also make sure to let them know that they would be receiving a memorable gift. As our guests are leaving, we will give them a printed certificate of appreciation with a memorable gift with our company logo.

The very next day, our guests would be receiving a “Thank You” email. As you can see, this is only the beginning ideas put on paper. There is still a lot of details to be taken into consideration from exact location to the menu options that will be served and of course a budget. The important part is that the event planner is in agreement with the clients on a purpose, goals and objective of the event and the end result should be an unforgettable event that not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of the customer.

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