Pharmacy Tech

1 January 2017

Answer the following 30 questions by highlighting the correct answer for each question. 1. Calculate the flow rate in drops per minute if a physician orders D5W/NS 1400 ml over 12 hr using an administration set that delivers 40 gtt/ml. a. 87 gtt/min b. 68 gtt/min c. 117 gtt/min d. 78 gtt/min 2. The drug enalapril would be categorized into which of the following classification groups? a. beta-blocker b. ACE inhibitor c. NSAID d. antiemetic 3. The retail price of a prescription is based on average wholesale price (AWP) plus a dispensing fee.

Using the following fee table, calculate the retail price of a prescription for 30 tablets if a bottle of 100 tablets has an AWP of $76. 78. AWP| DISPENSING FEE| $0-$5. 00| $4. 75| $5. 01-$10. 00| $5. 75| $10. 01 – $20. 00| $6. 75| $20. 00 and up| $7. 75| a. $13. 72 b. $23. 03 c. $30. 78 d. $32. 91 4. Of the following prescription drugs, which cannot be prescribed with refills? a. nifedipine b. lorazepam c. methylphenidate d. hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5.

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A technician answers the phone and the patient calling states that, after aking a medication she received from the pharmacy a few hours earlier, she is not feeling well and would like to know the side effects of the medication. The technician should: a. tell the patient the side effects of the medication, since they are commonly known to all pharmacy personnel. b. put the patient on hold and notify the pharmacist of the situation. c. ask the patient to hold while he looks up the side effects in a reference book. d. tell the patient to lie down and maybe the side effects will wear off soon 6. Diphenhydramine is the generic name for which of these drugs? . Benadryl b. Dramamine c. Bentyl d. Soma 7.

A local dermatologist has special-ordered 60 g of 1. 5% hydrocortisone cream for a patient. The pharmacy has in stock a 2. 5% hydrocortisone cream and a 1% hydrocortisone cream. How much of each will the technician need to prepare this compound correctly? a. 40 g of 2. 5% and 20 g of 1% b. 40 g of 1% and 20 g of 2. 5% c. 30 g of each strength d. 45 g of 1% and 15 g of 2. 5% 8. Who must initiate an order for an investigational drug for patient use? a. a pharmacy director b. a pharmacist c. a technician d. a physician 9.

How many 500-mg metronidazole tablets will be needed to compound 150 ml of 3% metronidazole suspension? a. 7 b. 9 c. 10 d. 18 10. A medication given to reduce a fever is called: a. an analgesic b. an antitussive c. an anthelmintic d. an antipyretic 11. Medications that are prepackaged into unit-dose or unit-of-use containers must have the following information included on the package labeling: a. patient’s name, dispensing date, name of medication, and directions for use b. medication name and strength, lot number, and expiration date c. medication name and strength, lot number, and directions for use d. irections for use, medication name and strength, and expiration date 12.

A patient brings the following prescription into your pharmacy: Amoxil400 mg po tid for 10 days. Your pharmacy has in stock an Amoxil oral suspension 250 mg/5 ml. What is the exact volume of medication you will need to correctly and completely fill the prescription for the patient? a. 150 ml b. 168 ml c. 240 ml d. 200 ml 13. When mixing cytotoxic agents for intravenous use, what type of syringe is required? a. glass b. Luer-Loc c. slip-tip d. reusable 14. To what class of controlled substances does Lortab belong?

Inventory turnover rate refers to: a. how often employees quit and new employees are hired to replace them b. how long it takes the pharmacy to process a new prescription c. how many times a year shelves are inspected for expired medications d. how often medications are used and reordered 16. The portion of the retail price of a prescription that the patient must pay is known as the: a. deductible b. co-payment c. average wholesale price d. none of the above.

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