Philippine Politics

7 July 2016

First and foremost, before anybody else, I am so grateful to God, my perfect hero and my lifetime partner for giving me strength, set mind and heart in making my term paper. Never forgotten beloved family for their unending love and support. For financial governance and for providing my needs and supplies. To my aunts and other loved ones for bringing smiles despite every hard times and tiring moments; To my friends, classmates and my schoolmates, my inspiration; To my teachers, my mentors;

And to my neighbors for the encouragement. Special thanks to MNM Internet Cafe, Poblacion, Ginatilan, Cebu and Rdno Mini Libraray for giving me ideas and elaborated explanations about my preferred topic. I thank you all. God Bless… Jida Mascardo INTRODUCTION Political dynasties in the Philippine Politics in the Philippines has been under the control of a few notable families. It is normal for a politician’s son, wife, brother, or other kinsman, to run for the same or other government office.

Philippine Politics Essay Example

The term coined by Filipinos to describe this practice is “Political dynasty”, the equivalent of anoligarchy in political science. One can trace its roots from the Spanish colonial times where favored families of the mestizo stock, or the Illustrados were given responsibilities of Gobernadorcillo, or Alcalde. As such, these men have wielded some influence in their communities, and patronage politics was a common undertaking. During the early years of American rule of the Philippine Islands, these Illustrados joined the democratic process introduced by the Philippine Bill of 1902.

During this period, family names such as Cojuangcos, Lopezes, Marcoses, Osmenas and Aquinos started to emerge, later on becoming household names. The 1987 Constitution of the Philippines states in Article II Section 26, “The State shall guarantee equal access to opportunities for public service, and prohibit political dynasties as may be defined by law. ” Many have called for the Congress to pass the Anti-Dynasty Law, but this bill has been passed over by each Congress since 1987. Some have pointed that oligarchy is the root problem of all the corruption in the Philippine government.

[1] Despite the entry of the Party List System in the 11th Congress, the proportion of lawmakers with relatives in elective positions have remained the same in the post-Marcos political scene. [2] The table below illustrates the percentage: Political scientist Dante Simbulan, in a study of the elites of Philippine politics from 1946 to 1963 lists 169 prominent families. These families have produced 584 public officials, including seven Presidents, two Vice Presidents, 42 Senators, and 147 Representatives. The tables below outlines the demographics of families in politics.

[3] In the 9th Congress of the Philippines: In the 11th Congress of the Philippines In the 12th Congress of the Philippines In the 14th Congress of the Philippines (from July 23, 2007 to June 4, 2010), it was surveyed that more than 75% of the lawmakers are members of the old political families. [4] Jump up^ The Oligarchy in the Philippines;Jump up^ Coronel, Chua, Rimban, & Cruz The Rulemakers Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (2007); p. 47Jump up^ Coronel, Chua, Rimban, & Cruz The Rulemakers Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (2007); p. 49

STATE THE PROBLEM Making something without importance is quite difficult and even harder when you’ll work without a heart. Making this term paper is like a test, 50’50. It is quite easy especially when it comes to researching, reading and net surfing but it’s difficult to make some of the pages, the use of correct words and how to make it perfect. In making my term paper, I encountered few hardships. I find the time very fast that’s why I haven’t finished this earlier. I had lots of things in my mind that made me unfocused with this. Our printer had low ink already.

I supposed to make this as simple draft wherein I will just let my teacher see my work in the computer but unfortunately, I haven’t seen Sir Rommel at that time. Another is that my eyes didn’t join with me. I also lacked financial support from my parents because they thought I would only have Facebook in the Internet Cafe but then I felt their support in other ways. Lastly, it took me too hard to find books as my references for my preferred topic. Above all those things, I learned. DEFINITION OF TERMS Philippines Politics Dynasty Political Dynasty Government Legislature Judiciary Executive Lawmakers

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