Philippines and Drama Western Drama

6 June 2017

Oriental Drama Western drama, the drama of Asia originated as an elaborntion of liturgical practices. Eastern drama, in general, is based on the concept of sangita or (sammita), the threefold art of music, dance, and poetry,fused into single artistic entity. *Asian actors long ago rejected realistic presentation in favor of obstruction and symbolism. *19th century western influences began to felt in the asian theater resulting not in the nature of an assimilation, but in a complete break with native tradistion. Philippine drama Duplo-was a poetical debate held by trained men and women in the ninth night, the last night of the heads of the game. Karagatan-was also a poetical debate like a duplo but its participants were amateurs. Both the duplo and karagatan were held in the homes the thene was all about a ring that fell into the sea. 1598-First recorded drama was staged in cebu. -it was commedia written by Vicente puche was performed in honor of msgr. Pedro de agurto. Cebu’s fisrt bishop. 609-another staged play for portraying the light of sta. barbara was staged in bicol. Three kinds of plays became popular among the masses during the spanish era 1. Cenakulo-very heavy drama shown in relation to the life sacrifices and death of jesus Christ. -month of april, depending the exact fate of holy week. Two kinds of presentation: 1. ablada(oral) 2. kantada(song) Version of cenakulo: Tagalog, Iluko, Kapampangan, Bikol and Bisayan version are some example. . Moro moro- cloak and dagger play depicting the wars between the Christians and the Muslims, with the Christians always on the winning side. Written by: Fr. Jeronimo Perez and was staged in Manila in 1637. 3. Zarsuela-musical comedy, melodrama with songs and dances- -wards love. Fear, grief, sorrow or any emotional reactions sublime. Junto Al Pasig(besides the pasig)- by rizal -staged at Ateneo De manila on December 8,1880.

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