Philippines the Center of the Marine Fish Biodiversity

Science The Philippines is the center of the marine fish biodiversity and the home of the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world in the study of two biologists Kent Carpenter and Victor Springer. The title of there is “The Center of the marine shore fish diversity: The Philippine Island,” we have are the center of the marine in the world and the former Environment Secretary Elisea Gozun said in her presentation of the status of the country’s coastal and marine resources at the Philippine Plaza Hotel in Pasay city.

We must protect our marine ecosystem so that we can prove to the other country that we can also have a healthy marine that other countries can’t have. Second larges reef Most of the endemic species ar found in the Verde Island passage between Mindoro Island and the main island of Luzon We must improve our reef so that we can still have the second largest reef or the most largest reef on the world we must stop the dynamite fish on the other side of the Philippines so the we can have a healthy and large reef so that our marine species have a shelter to make them live long and to multiply and we will have a large marine.

Most Threatened Save the coral reef stop destroying the corals and stop the muro-ami style of fish and also the dynamite fish it destroys the corals and the are disturbed and the others die because of the toxic that affect the fish and the other marine species.

Do not cut the mangroves beside of the river or lake because fishes also live in there it is alright that we make some fish pond but not to much that we need to cut mangroves just to have a fish pond 70% of mangrove have lost because of converting them into fish pond. Compared to the other counties with similar coastal resources, the people in the Philippines doesn’t know how to use our coastal resources.

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