Philipps Furniture

9 September 2016

Phillips was hesitant about relocating. As an alternative to relocating, Mr. Phillips opened a satellite store in an outlying district to attract a new source of customers, as well as to provide better service to his current customers. Mr. Phillip eventually expanded his business into several neighboring towns until he had a total of six stores. When Martin Furniture, a small manufacturing firm that supplied some of the furniture for Phillips, became financially unstable, Mr. Phillips was able to gain control of the manufacturing plant.

At the end of last week, you were called into Mr. Phillips’ office, and Mr. Phillips said, to you, “I have been pleased with your progress with us as a management trainee since you graduated six months ago. ” He explained that he felt that the company had gotten large enough to need a personnel manager. Previously, all managers handled most of their own personnel activities, usually on a “casual” basis. Mr. Phillips told you that with the acquisition of the manufacturing firm, “It’s time for us to get our personnel activities organized, and you’re the person to do it. When asked why, he said, “I reviewed your personal file and noticed you had some courses in human resource management listed on your transcript. ” Also you have good people skills. Faced with both the challenge and the promotion, you accepted. Now you are trying to decide, “What am I to do now that I’m the HR manager. Questions On what activities would you tell Mr. Phillips you intended to focus? Why? The first thing Mr. Phillips should focus on is a mission statement as it’s crucial for the business to have goals, a purpose, and an objective.

Philipps Furniture Essay Example

By knowing what the future plan for the company is, managers and employees know what exactly they are working for. I would also recommend Mr. Phillips create an organizational structure and job descriptions which will also increase the company’s success by providing employees with information on what exactly their position and responsibilities in the company are. The development of training programs and performance goals as well as an incentive system will improve employee performance as they don’t only benefit the company but also the employees. 2. What would be your first action, and why?

My first action would be to develop an organizational structure so that all employees know what exactly their position and responsibilities in the company are. Since the company is still growing, it is crucial for each employee to know what is expected from him/her. Mr. Phillips has expanded the business into several neighboring towns which increases the importance of each and every employee knowing who exactly they are reporting to. An organizational structure will help employees be more productive. Therefore, the company will reach its goals sooner and become more successful.

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