Nocoke The debut of philosophy goes all the way back to the BC era, when philosophers like Thales, Euclid and Pythagoras were asking questions about the universe, figuring out what stuff was made of, determining if empty space actually exists, and uncovering logic and mathematical theories. No one can state for sure who the first philosophers were, since not every theory and philosophical Ideas were recorded In writing. When discussing historical philosophy most people dlvlde It Into eastern and western philosophy practices. History of Western Philosophy

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Historically, western philosophy began in Greece. The word philosophy is even derived from the Greek language and means “love of wisdom. ” Ancient western philosophy had three main branches: ethics, logic, and physics. These three branches have now broken Into even smaller sub-sections, covering everything from epistemology to aesthetics. Socrates was a large Influence on western philosophy, but there was a pre-Socratic era that covered philosophical topics. As philosophy advanced, many of the pre-Socratic answers for these questions were rejected, lthough most philosophers still researched the same questions.

Christianity helped to abolish the thoughts of ancient philosophers and ushered in the era of medieval philosophy, which boasted both Aristotle and Plato. After medieval philosophy the thinkers of the Renaissance were Introduced, followed by more modern and contemporary philosophy. History of Eastern Philosophy Eastern philosophy has Its roots In religion, specifically the Abrahamic religion. This makes eastern philosophy more concerned with asking questions about God and how the world relates to God.

The eastern world is sometimes considered to be the home of religious philosophy, although these philosophers also deal greatly with transcendentalism. Some of the most notable eastern philosophers are Buddha, Confucius, and Zhang Z’. The way eastern philosophers created theories on knowledge and religion has led people to practice the philosophies of certain philosophers without adopting all aspects of that branch. The eastern philosophers historically believed that religion was a large part of the study of philosophy. Contemporary practices of eastern philosophy often remove the religious part.

Islam impacted much of what we now consider eastern philosophy, meaning that most branches have a

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religious aspect. The most common branches of eastern philosophy Include: Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Maoism, Shinto, Confucius, and Legalism. There are differences between western and eastern philosophy, however, both regions can attribute a large amount of current philosophical thought to some form of religion. The eastern world chose to embrace religion as their main pursuit of knowledge, while the western world broke philosophy into different branches. ience Is concerned wltn tne materlal world, ana wltn tne systematlc Olscovery 0T certainty within that world. This might seem to be the complete opposite of philosophy, which tends towards the abstract, reasoned evaluation of things, rather than empirical data. However, philosophy seems to be science taken to new levels. All branches of science take it as self-evident that our senses don’t deceive us in their representation of an outside world. Given this premise, science seeks to explain phenomena that the senses present. We see, for example, that things fall to the round when we drop them. Science asks, why?

Philosophy, then, is the next level of inquiry; it asks, for instance, how do we know that things fall to the ground when dropped? Can we be sure of the existence of objects, or of the ground? What sort of thing is a physical object? The same rigor that’s present in science, of testing and retesting hypotheses, is also present in philosophy. Various theories are debated. The unsatisfactory ones are discarded, and the more secure ones are retained. Over time, we can indeed see that progress has been made. Philosophy is not simply an bstract theoretical speculation. It’s Just as rigorous as science, and a decidedly important discipline.

Philosophy of Man deals with the nature of man as a “born philosopher,” as someone who philosophizes, because man is a rational being, who is capable of thinking and feeling. Man philosophizes because of experiences, emotions, and insights. Philosophy of Man is also an overview of the nature, activities, and destiny of man. It attempts to assess his place in and his relationship to the world. Through such an overview, an understanding of what man is and who he is will emerge. In some espect, Philosophy of Man constitutes metaphysics of man, for it is a probe of the deepest causes and meaning of man.

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