Philosophy Plan

7 July 2016

Observing teachers is a great way to see the day to day operations of what goes into the setting of the class. Within the first few months of school, by then the students should have a good understanding of the expectations of the class. It is important to realize that the teacher trains the students what the rules and expectations are from day one in their classroom. These rules and expectations come from their classroom management plan. There are many reasons a child may misbehave. It could be special needs, lack of attention, or even circumstances at home.

The fact of the matter is that they are allowed to. Sometimes it seems that as adults we tend to allow student to do as they want with the hope of the situation be handled by someone else. How a child behaves actually goes back on the parents and the raising of the child. Culture and family dynamics could also play a role as well. I know that some people may say that they do not want to become their own parents, but they have. Some raise their children to respect the rules and consequences of their actions, while others raise their children with no rules and consequences at all.

Philosophy Plan Essay Example

“The methods and strategies an educator uses to maintain a classroom environment to be conducive to learning and success” is defined as classroom management. (Jones, 2000). In my personal beliefs I think that a plan needs to be consisted of rules and procedures, as well as expectations for the students when entering the classroom. In the event of visitors in the classroom these rules and expectations should be followed also. In the classroom management plan there needs to be consequences that ate clear, understood, and enforced effectively.

To me teachers should spend more time spending on teaching the students rather than mismanaging them, so that they can effectively learn. It takes time to teacher students the information that they need to know for the school year and prior to the next year. Teachers only have 180 days to teach the required information to the students with the assurance that the get it. A classroom management plan affects everyone. It can change the way students walk into the classroom, how a teacher does their job and how visitors act when they come to visit.

I have seen this happen in an Elementary school, I have observed it. One class was quietly walking down the hallway and another class was using outside, loud voices. It was interesting the reaction some students had to the differences within the two classes. My philosophy on classroom management came from my schooling and personal observations. I do not have a physical classroom yet, but have seen many different styles each teacher uses when in the classroom. The theoretical perspective that best describes my personal philosophy is the personal needs theory.

Stanley Coopersmith discussed “that individuals need to experience a sense of significance, competence, and power” (Jones & Jones, 2010, p. 33). I believe that it is important that a student trust and builds a positive rapport or relationship with you. I believe that students, who trust and believe in their teacher, with this the student, may tend to work harder and it gives the student the belief that they can accomplish any task. When a level of trust and relationship is developed, it gives the students ownership or pride in their classroom.

Any teacher has personal theories and needs in their class, it is important to build that trust or a classroom management plan could fall apart in no time at all. I believe that my personal philosophy will play a role in my actual plan, but I also need to realize that I may have to adjust it as I begin to teach. The adjustment may have to happen as I get a new set of students each year or even once I get certain students who may need me to adjust my plan. My philosophy is just a foundation to my ultimate plan for success with my students.

Adjustments are a daily part of all teachers, even the best ones, as they go forward. All these adjustments are in the best interest on the students. My personal philosophy, I believe is an important one. I believe that students need to realize that everything is not always fair in life. I believe that students need to understand that actions in life also have rewards and consequences. I also believe that it is also important to teach students that everyone has the same opportunities and only we, as individually, can make the most of ourselves.

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